Coursework Example: Role of Biological Factors in ADHD

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Extensive research has shown that biological factors are a major cause of ADHD. Genetic inheritance is one primary cause of this disorder with heritability ranging from 60-90% (te Meerman, Batstra, Hoekstra & Grietens, 2017).Researchers have in several instances identified ADHD inheritance in some families. Scientists have also discovered that a gene responsible for the creation of dopamine which controls the ability of the brain to have a consistent and regular attention may be at fault in children with ADHD disorder. Research has also shown that for children with ADHD 25% of their first-degree relatives have the disorders (Larsson et al., 2013). According to research carried out at Dukes University, low serotonin levels contribute to ADHD. The brain structure has also been deemed to be a cause. Series of brain scans done in kids with ADHD have shown that some of their brain parts were smaller and bigger than those of normal children. This discrepancy is scientifically on record to causing a two to three-year delay in brain maturity which is associated with ADHD in children.

Adult Hypocrisy

Childhood socialization is very crucial in the conduct of an individual as it lays the basis for future behavior of the individual. Adult guardians and parents influence the behavior of children as they challenge the content of their self-concept. Development of a child self through exposure to various behavioral options is simultaneous with the development of communication skills which are crucial in interaction with their peers. Children also discover consequences of their actions through the response of other people around them hence molding their character. In adolescence, peer relationships greatly influence the behavior of a child as children strive to create a perfect impression of themselves among their peers which builds friendship bonds. Most times adult guardians and parents tend to alter their behavior when they are with children to give the kids a good impression and also try to build the childs morality. Eventually when an adolescent realizes that the adult assumes double morality the child decides to follow the adult. The adolescent, therefore, behaves well in front of the adults but differently when not being watched. This system brings forth children who only conduct themselves appropriately while under watch.


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te Meerman, S., Batstra, L., Hoekstra, R., & Grietens, H. (2017). Study books on ADHD genetics: balanced or biased?. International Journal Of Qualitative Studies On Health And Well-Being, 12(sup1), 1305590.

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