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The article; published by J. Porcari in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine on 1st March 2011 gives elaborate explanations of power Balance Wristband' product that is explained as having capabilities to perform activities that are not scientifically proven. According to the company producing and marketing the product, Holograms Bracelets, the band can give the user or the wearer of the band stability, strength, and balance. Scientifically, a wristband of any kind has no capabilities of influencing the performance of a human body not unless they are connected to the nervous system which is not the case as per Power Balance Wristband.

Based on the companys advert about the product; the efficacy of information cannot be proved scientifically neither can the product act as it has been explained in the advert. The claim that an athlete can wear the wristband and be able to gain stability and energy is false. The advert uses testimonies from famous athletes who agree unanimously that the wristband gave them an added advantage over their competitors. The evidence given by athletes that the band gave them an added advantage over their colleagues are largely falsified since some of the athletes who are attesting to having the advantage over their colleagues have had a fair share of defeats from the same from fellow athletes that did not wear the wristband. The fact that the company lures athletes with huge bonuses to make false testimonies about the performance of the product makes the whole advertisement unethical in the sense that it bribes to solicit false information.

According to the company, the product has the connection with the body system thus aiding the body to generate more energy. The alternative explanation given for the occurrence is that the product accelerates pulse rate thus increasing the blood flow, which is of cause false since a wristband cannot influence the pulse rate. The study that will confirm or disconfirm the advert is the effect of body armor on the performance of the body. The studies conducted by different scientists with regards to the effect that several body armors including wrist watches, helmets, specks among others would have easily confirmed or disconfirm the claims by the power balance wristband.

Most scientific studies have greatly denied the claims that body armor improves the vigor of the body in any way. Instead, some studies show that it derails the performance of the body because of the weight that one adds to the body in the process. To disconfirm the study, about ten athletes must be lined up, 5 wearing the wristband and the other five not wearing the wristband, the athletes will be given level playing ground, and the will be checked to me medically and physically fit. Based on Journals of Sports and Medicine, which is a journal that publishes various athletic, scientific experiments, wristbands that athletes wear does not have any impact on their performance, and it neither contributes to their stability or performance. A study by John Hopkins University about what constitutes to stamina and energy of sportspersons reveals that it has nothing to do with what athletes wear or tie around themselves rather it is 90% their training and 10% the environment in which they are competing in. In essence, studies glaringly dispute the claims made by the company in advertising its product.



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