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A clear understanding of the customer expectations is a crucial prerequisite to ensure the customers are given superior service. However, it is clear that the nature of customer services expectations remains ambiguous to many service providers. Different market researchers have defined customer service expectations in a different number of ways, but there has not been a conceptual framework to link the various customer expectations to influence the perception of service performance. The article has outline three basic assumptions regarding service marketing. First, there is assumptions the product and services provided are unique CITATION Val85 \l 2057 (Valarie A. Zeinthalm, 1985). Therefore, there is need to identify different product characteristics to ensure the people can get their goods and services on time and in the right order. Second, every good presented has different sets of problems CITATION Val85 \l 2057 (Valarie A. Zeinthalm, 1985). Thus, the marketers are expected to handle various goods and services uniquely based on their different characteristics. The third assumption done by the author involves the identified problems require market solutions CITATION Val85 \l 2057 (Valarie A. Zeinthalm, 1985). The authors aim is to ensure the services marketing is able to fulfil the customers different needs and wants.

The authors have gone into detail to offer a framework to demonstrate the different unique characteristics of services and the various problems that are noted to stream from these individual components CITATION Val85 \l 2057 (Valarie A. Zeinthalm, 1985). Plus the different strategies that can be proposed to ensure there is the limitation in the loses that would be encountered in the event. It is critical when it comes to services as they are based on the performances as opposed to having objects in the market CITATION Val85 \l 2057 (Valarie A. Zeinthalm, 1985). As for goods they can easily be felt and identified and hence easier to get the need feedback. The services provided to the different clients mean that there will be different responses and there is little that the providers can do as the intervention rests on the customer's perceptions. Studies have indicated many customers always react different to different services and this can potentially prove to be a challenge for the service providers as they cannot improve their services to suit all the people needs. Therefore, many service firms ensure they can provide essential service, and the customers who require are often charged. Thus, this has been a challenge for the service providers as they are not only expected to provide excellent services but also have to go a notch higher to ensure they offer premium services to the elite class who require specialized services CITATION Val85 \l 2057 (Valarie A. Zeinthalm, 1985). However, for the services, the performance is entirely based on the individuals distinctions where there is a high probability of difference emerging. Many services are characterized to be perishable, heterogeneity and inseparable of the production with the consumption. Therefore, as identified by the authors, all the services are unique. And in the event there are challenges resented there is need for the marketers to device ways to ensure they still preserve the people perceptions CITATION Val85 \l 2057 (Valarie A. Zeinthalm, 1985). Thus, the marketers are expected to develop different strategies to ensure they solve a wide variety of issues.

The authors have also revealed some findings from the national survey of managers of the services firms and discussed some of the problems they encounter in their line of work in marketing strategies CITATION Val85 \l 2057 (Valarie A. Zeinthalm, 1985). The study revealed one of the major issues was the customer demand for services fluctuates. With demand fluctuations, it becomes challenging for the services providers to satisfy the market consistently. Therefore, there is the need for the marketers to ensure they are always in the market to ensure they get the right resources CITATION Val85 \l 2057 (Valarie A. Zeinthalm, 1985). This results in many services providers conduct many market research. Another issue is that the services cannot be stored for a later date. A section of the managers noted that patents could not protect services. Therefore, there is a challenge of high duplication in the industry. Notably, marketing of services is indicated as one of riskiest businesses, and it is prudent for the participants to ensure they can adequately protect their brand by providing the needed services to the customers. Moreover, the perishability of the services, makes many business operators charge higher because there they have to keep updating themselves on the current affairs and needs in the market.

The authors have given different recommendations on how to better make the service marketing better CITATION Val85 \l 2057 (Valarie A. Zeinthalm, 1985). The recognition of service marketing as a subset of marketing disciplines reveals the need to ensure that the people are capable deliver their services as expected. Services marketing is noted to further expected to expand. Globalization has made the world a village which makes service marketing entre into a new phase of empirical works where it integrates with different disciplines and different services in various industries CITATION Val85 \l 2057 (Valarie A. Zeinthalm, 1985). Evidently, service marketing is a revolving discipline where there is the need the for the researchers to think broadly and ensure they can offer solutions to the different researchable issues. In summary, the authors have done their utmost best to ensure they have managed to demonstrate the importance of service marketing. In detail, different problems have been discussed and solutions offered to the managers on how they can deal with service marketing.


BIBLIOGRAPHY Valarie A. Zeinthalm, A. P. (1985). Problems and strategies in services marketing. Journal of Marketing, 33-46.

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