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Executive Summary (please note that you should add the summary for the Part A)

The Social Cup is a medium enterprise mainly supplying its products to clients within Australia. It is also a profit for purpose meaning that 50% of its profit is donated to women empowering projects and therefore promotion budget is quite limited. The best strategy identified and expounded to promote the Made in Australia tea gift hamper is to an emotional touch to the product. The design of the storyboard and the radio script has emphasized the theme of love and sharing and therefore embedding the values into the product. Linking a product with a good emotion is a great tool for marketing and this product will capitalize on it. Personal and non-personal communication channels have been chosen for exposing the commercials to potential customers. The personal channels entail salesmen who are tasked with selling the hamper to individual buyers while non-personal channels include TV and radio stations, social media, and print publications. The scheduling of promotional activities is such that the intensity increases during the festive months of December and April, through increasing the ads frequency and reach. Pretesting and post-testing criterion has been selected for evaluating the effectiveness of the promotional plan.

Table of contents

Budget 4

Marketing Strategy 5

Communication and Advertising Objectives 5

The key messages 6

The sources of communication and Target Audience 7

Product description 7

Major selling idea 8

Rationale for advertising appeal 8

Rationale for the Storyboard (Appendix 2) 8

Rationale for the Radio script (Appendix 3) 9

Media Plan 9

Medium 10

Media Mix and Vehicles 10

Coverage 11

Reach and Frequency 12

Scheduling 12

Evaluation 13

Conclusion 15

References 15

Appendix 1: Showing the Promotion budget breakdown 15

Appendix 2: Advertisement draft (Storyboard ) 18

Appendix 3: Showing the Advertisement draft (Radio script) 22



With 50% of the total profits being donated to the partner charities, The Social Cup can be said be more of a charity organization with a business approach to help the people producing their products than a cutthroat competitor in the beverage industry. Its description is very objective, in that, they refer themselves as a profit-forpurpose" enterprise. Therefore, it would be correct to say that the enterprises main objective is not to dominate the tea and coffee beverage industry but rather to provide products that convince its clients to support the women and children empowerment in the regions where these products are grown. This aspect plays the role of a backbone in any marketing decision made for this organization.

In the past year, The Social Cup enterprise sold 37500 gift hampers bringing the total sales revenue to $2,062,500. Considering that the business is a medium company whose half of the profit is donated back to various empowering projects, the best budget approach would be percentage method. This approach links the promotion budget with the enterprises sales revenue, such that, when the sales increase the budget also increases. The logic behind it is that the cost of promoting a product should be paid for by the sales and therefore, the sales realized are directly proportional to the budget invested in the promotion campaign.

The amount invested on adverts during the last fiscal year was $61,875, which represents a 3% of the total revenue. The target for this promotion is to hit 45000 units of the Social Cup gift hampers and this requires an advertising budget of $74250 per year. Appendix Table 1 shows the breakdown of this budget based on the timetable and the media.

Marketing Strategy

Communication and Advertising Objectives

Before identifying the marketing strategies, it is crucial to establish both communication and advertising objectives. The following are the 4 main communication goals;

Increase the percentage of consumers in the target market who associate themselves with the Social Cup Gift hamper.

Increase the number of the consumers with the preference for the gift hamper

Increase the number of the regular purchasers

Encourage new customers to try out the gift hamper

The key messages

The main message of the promotion will incline towards linking the hamper with clients emotion. Portraying the hamper, as the only ultimate gift that can be shared by family and loved will embed a love emotion on the brand making it the only product that comes to mind is the hamper. The first step towards achieving the sales target established is to increase the awareness of the Social Cup brand itself and the gift hamper in the Australians tea beverage market. The unique charitable attribute of the enterprise is a great virtue, which should be emphasized in the campaign message. Another way of boosting the brand association especially to the Australians is by linking it with nationalism. Australians exclusively produce the beverage in the hamper and emphasizing this in a message is definitely going to arouse their pride for their nation.

In an era where health and environment are becoming extremely crucial to every consumer, the message about how the entire range of the gift hampers is organically produced and packaged with 100% biodegradable and compostable boxes has to be stressed. The fact that the whole process of producing the range is healthy and environmental conscious makes it a great selling point and preference factor to similar products in the market.

A message showing how the enterprise is constantly working hard to ensure customer satisfaction would be great for encouraging the regular purchasers. Every client wants improvement in the quality and the taste of the range products. Putting across this progress will not only help retain the clients but also it will attract the curiosity of new customers to try out the hamper.

The sources of communication and Target Audience

The pack contains a variety of leaf tea flavors, which practically can be consumed by everyone in the family, from a grandchild of 5 years to the grandparents enjoying their pension at the 70s. However, this particular hamper promotion targets a population segment that can at least save up $60 dollars to buy a gift for their loved ones. This aspect makes the viable age range of the target audience to be from 15 years onwards. A fifteen-year-old girl in high school can save up their pocket money to buy her uncle a made in Australia hamper as she goes to see her newborn cousin at their home in Alice Springs.

Because of this age spectrum, it would be ineffective to use a single source of communication. A research done by Roy Morgan shows that out of the entire countrys population, only 41 % read Newspaper, a representation, which shows a downward trend when compared to the previous years. Again the activity of the teenagers and majority of people below 30 years in the social media cannot be compared with that of older people. The same case is for the radio and television. The difference in information consumption with age calls for a mix of sources to convey the promotional messages. The main sources of communication will be, print (newspapers), video communication (TV and Social media platforms) and audio communication (Radio).

Product description

Made in Australia gift is not just a usual hamper that one buys for their friends and family, it is more. The focus elements of the hamper are the variety in the package, the authenticity of the tea packed and the emotions behind each tin in the pack. The hamper comes with 4 rich flavors (Black tea, Sencha, and green tea) of leaf tea 100g tins and 50g tin for the organic peppermint tea. All the 4 tea varieties are authentic, organically grown and packaged in the Australia and this makes it a pride for the country.

By buying and sharing the pack with the family and friends, the customer is not only spreading love to these people but also indirectly, they are helping a woman toiling hard to make that precious gift and her child to have a better life through uplifting projects funded by half of the profit gained by the enterprise. The product has an emotional touch and this should be stressed during the promotion.

Major selling idea

Made in Australia hamper is the only pack that houses the 4 best organic tea (Black, Sencha, Green, and Peppermint) inspired by the spirit of sharing with the loved one. The main selling idea is that SOCIAL CUP IS MORE THAN A DRINK, ITS LOVE!

Rationale for advertising appeal

Though stressing on the quality of the enterprises products is important, it would not be appealing enough to the customer because the competitors capitalize on the idea too. Attaching an emotion to a product is the most effective way of engraving an idea into a customers mind. Whenever they experience that emotion, the first thing that forms in the mind is that product. By emphasizing the theme of love and sharing on the hamper promotion, every time a person wants to share something with their family or loved ones, the first gift that the brain will suggest is the Made in Australia hamper.

Rationale for the Storyboard (Appendix 2)

The first thing one notices is the relaxed mood of the scenes. A father sharing a moment with a son is adorable and shows the value of a family. The dad sharing his childhood memories further captures the audiences reminiscence and provokes their own young days moments. Everyone has an exciting childhood memory. This seen scene is meant to capture the attention of the client and reconnect them with their exciting past. The scene where the son suggests a Made in Australia hamper is meant to bring a comical effect to the scene and at the same time connect the product with the teenage audience. This is important in keeping the promo alive.

Looking at the choice of character names, one will easily note they have been borrowed from a popular TV show, Game of Thrones (GOT). This is intentional and it is meant to scour a conversation even after the promo is off the air. Whenever one mentions these characters, it will trigger thoughts of the hamper. Generally, the theme of love and family has been emphasized to embed the emotion of love into the hamper, the exact intention of the promo.

Rationale for the Radio script (Appendix 3)

Again the theme of love and sharing has been given a priority in the ad. A mention of the weekend visit to see the parents is an activity that everyone, young or old audience, can relate to. To appeal to young adults, the script suggests the hamper as the best beverage to share with a new date. The two rhetorical questions are meant to capture the attention before providing a solution, as well as, stressing the love theme. At the end of the ad, the target audience is left with information on the content of the hamper and aroused by the perfect moments suggested.

Media PlanMediumBoth personal and non-personal communication channels will be used to deliver the adverts and sales to the target market. In the personal channel, Social Cup Enterprise will involve salesmen who will be approaching possible buyers at their homes and passing on the promotion's message. The need to assess individual awareness of our beverage products, and willingness to purchase and repurchase the hamper...

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