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The Coca-Cola UK 2017 March Madness advertisement which was published on YouTube by Coca-Cola Company, is a well-constructed advert which strengthens the companys ethos. It was created for the UK market. The ad, Coca-Cola UK 2017 March Madness Commercial describes a dramatic mood for the audience who get a power loss while watching a football game. They are forced to move around their neighbourhood in search of anyone who could be having a power backup. The ad can be divided into three parts; first, when a single family enjoys bottles of Coca-Cola together, the second part where they move to the neighbour in search for a power source, and third when the families unite to share Coca-Cola and have fun together. With this kind of add, the company can persuade potential and continuing customers to buy and use their products. The company maintains its ethos by ensuring that they showcase the culture of sharing good things with neighbors, friends, and families. The aim of the business in producing this advert was to persuade customers to purchase more of their products.

Analysis of Coca-Cola UK 2017 March Madness Commercial Ad Video

First, we have to establish that Coca-Cola Company deals with different types of soft drinks in the market. However, due to the number of this beverage, the company, in most case produces a single advisement for Coca-Cola (Roush). The above name advertisement begins with a family that gathers to watch an event on television. Also, this family is also enjoying Coca-Cola drink. The family seems to be extremely happy and eager. Also, they are united in the way that they share their common drink.

The consumers around the UK are the main target audience to the company. According to the video, the audience holds the primary value for the company. The creator of this video made an assumption that the target spectators all share a common culture of meeting together for an event on television. However, there is the greatest success in the delivery of the ads main idea of sharing and spending time together.

The second part of the video ads shows a family losing electricity supply for the event they were viewing (Roush). This makes them get embarrassed and start walking around in the dark while looking for anyone who could have the power supply. On the way there, the family meets another family with the same problem, and they all get united to search for their common goal together. All this time, some of the family members searching for power carried a small crate of Coca-Cola at all time. The reason for taking this drink around shows that the man carrying it is a fan and would want to have the drink at all cost.

The company uses the pathos to appeal to emotions of the audience in a way to persuade them of purchasing the products. This style of advertisement is a fair one since it consists of all the aspects of a happy family, and friends. The method is successful in promoting the spirit of togetherness and sharing a Coca-Cola drink. In other words, the advert successfully persuades people to unite and buy the Coca-Cola company products in bulk.

Correspondingly, Coca-Cola settled on the motto the Coke side of life that appeared on every coca cola advert such as on the video games and the television ads. The motto explained the anti-hero transformation, doing kind acts and creating the happiness after drinking coke. After the successful launch of the coke side of life, the campaign extended globally but it did not translate correctly in other cultures. Therefore, the coca cola organization evolved its slogan to open happiness campaign. The most recent one that involves more sharing and being more generous when it comes to having their favorite daily product. The new one states taste the feeling. Additionally, the coca cola advertisement agencies decided to review its coke packaging after accomplishing the motto campaign. The companies expressed their views and explained how coke packaging had lost its clarity. For example, the bottle had irrelevant details such as the bubbles when globally, individuals know that coke is a carbonated drink. Therefore, they decided to simplify the design by emphasizing the relevant information (Roush). Coca cola formed a new ribbon and a refined script having the red colour to make it bolder and brighter.

The third part of the advertisement involves the two families getting to the door of the man who had a power supply. After knocking, the man opens the door and reacts to the crowd standing outside by banging the door. However, the man who had carried a small crate of Coca-Cola knocks the door again and shows Coca-Cola crate. The man does not hesitate. Further, he quickly came back to the door and opened. The how families enjoy watching the event on television while at the same time, the rest of the people shared a Coca-Cola.

The third part of the advert shows that the Coca-Cola product can unite the people under the same roof and they all end up having fun together. The fact that the owner of the house could open the door and allow strangers, composed of a crowd of people, shows that the Coca-Cola has the power to unite. However, the most important aspect that the company must consider is the feelings and ideas to the potential consumers as well as the existing ones that being together and enjoying a Coca-Cola drink is the best thing.


In summary, the most important part of an advert is to make sure that intended people get the message being sent. We were able to identify the purpose of Coca-Cola UK 2017 March Madness Commercial commercial video and the importance of it to the consumers. Lastly, the advert achieves its goal in a dramatic tone as the company is deemed to have the best researcher in the market. The advert succeeds in fulfilling the authors intention for the company and the audience in general. In addition, the author successfully fits the advert video with the current situations, time, and audience. There are many times when families get together to celebrate one thing or another. This means that many of the families that get united and in need for a drink, they have the ability and potential of purchasing the Coca-Cola products. In this case, if they decide to buy after watching the advert, then the company achieves its target.

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