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In the recent past, the number of people with access to the internet has increased tremendously due to the advent of smartphones. The increase in access to the internet has increased the number of people on social media platforms. Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube form significant platforms to communicate with millions of people with so much ease. For this reason, organizations have resorted to social media platforms for campaigns to reach out to its target audiences.

The social media platform used by the organization was Twitter. Twitter is an online social networking and news service where its users can engage with each other via tweets, messages and posts. If one is registered, one can post tweets. Those that are not registered are restricted to only reading posts. Twitter has earned a worldwide popularity over the last few years. It has an estimated 319 million active users from across the globe. A topic can be made to trend on twitter and have a many people seeing it through a hashtag. Twitter is handy in reaching a target audience as it provides short, instant, and frequent communication.

Girl Scouts is a non-profit organization that was started in the United States about 100 years ago by a lady who believed that all girls have significant capabilities. The first troop of Girl Scout was in 1912. From then, they have undergone growth, assisting girls to find their talents, strengths, and passions (Rippins, 1927). Among the things most people are familiar with seeing Girl Scouts do is the making and selling of their amazing cookies. The money they obtain is put to very good use in the community around. The Girl Scouts organization used Twitter for a campaign. The campaign aimed to increase Girl Scout Cookie Finder mobile app downloads. The app was to serve the purpose of helping consumers to locate cookie booths when the cookie season was at its peak, as many people initially had problems finding the booths. With the app, once you turn on location on your phone the app automatically gives you the location of your nearest cookie booth.

The campaign was effective. Through the use of Twitters app card function, the Girl Scouts obtained many downloads of the app of more than 19,500. The Twitter app card enables users to download the app directly from Twitter, making it easier for consumers to get the app. The Girl Scouts also engaged those who already had the app to reach a broader audience and also to aid in the creation of a buzz. The Girl Scouts also ensured the effectiveness of the campaign by teaching users how to utilize the various features of the app. They even got an increase in following due to the campaign. However, they lacked a consistent hashtag throughout the campaign. They could improve the efficiency of the campaign by developing a hashtag consistent throughout the campaign. The hashtag would play a significant role in increasing their audience (Cox, 2015).

In conclusion, the advent of social media has revolutionized the state of promotions, marketing, and advertising. The social media has changed from being a platform for information to a platform of influence. Companies and organizations need to recognize that social media is an essential component of their marketing strategy. organizations and businesses need to consider social media in the launching of a new product or service, communicate a companys new initiative, and to engage its customers in meaningful dialogues (Hanna, Rohm & Crittenden, 2011).


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