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Besides being commonly used in language and literature, metaphors are also considered to be applicable in the fields of design, invention, and in creative works. In the field of video production, which I specialize in, the use of metaphors is also significantly applied. I am a video producer, and my work entails production of television commercials and corporate video projects where I am required to create stories for my clients. The whole process from video shooting, editing, and creation of a story is surrounded by a play of metaphors. This is what forms the basis of this paper.

To begin with, the terms used in video production are metaphorical. For instance, a shot is used to refer to what is being recorded with a camera from the time one starts rolling which means recording, to the moment one cuts to mean stop recording. Rushes defines a collection of footage obtained from producing a movie or film, example a print from the negatives. The bins represent folders created to organize the footage in different boxes before deciding on whether to use them or not. The timeline is the area where shots are placed to either get trimmed or cut. Finally, a sequence is used to represent multiple shots aligned on a timeline. These words are used metaphorically since they do not hold their original meaning in this context of video editing.

Creation of stories and television commercials apply metaphors differently. In screenplays, two kinds of metaphors are used; static and dynamic. A static metaphor is used for obvious and constant meanings. For instance, the use of red color or red roses to represent love in a Valentines Day television commercial or the use of crossed palms to represent unity or solidarity. A dynamic metaphor is applied mostly along the plotline in the development of a story. The meaning of the metaphor is established throughout the story from the beginning to the end through different events and characters. An example could be the title given to a story being created such as The Chains of Ignorance in a story meant to enlighten the audience on the importance of acquiring knowledge. Chains in this context are used metaphorically to represent the drawbacks that result from ignorance. The metaphor will be carried through the story by use of images that depict bondage or through characters developed in the story whose actions bring out the aspect of being chained by ignorance.

Metaphors are created intentionally in stories, and they do not occur accidentally. To make a story interesting, we try to mix several forms of metaphors while still maintaining the intended theme by the client. For instance, in the production of a video, we can use sounds or music, particularly background music that fits the situation being filmed. Such music could be metaphorical for a sad or jubilated moment depending on the theme of the film. Lighting is also another way of applying metaphors in video production. If the plot of the story is relating to poverty, dim light can be used in alleys and houses of the targeted area. Another metaphorical use is in the form of character types, for instance, costumes or jewelry to represent events or social status. In summary, video production is a field that utilizes metaphors in relaying a deeper meaning to the audience. This can be in the form of the terms applied when producing and creating stories, as well as the application of metaphorical representation throughout the story.

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