Research Paper: How Does New Media Technology Affect Social Interaction in School and Outside the School?

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Research paper
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Section 1  Research questions

Under the same title place your research questions. This should include your main primary research question and your sub-primary research questions. Your research questions may be modified to match up with your research results.

Look at this example: must be like this not only questions

Main question: How does new media technology affect social interaction in school and outside the school?

Survey question: Can you say that social interaction has improved your relationship with people or have killed it?

Analysis: Most of them are actively agreeing that social interaction has improved their social communications in school and outside since they can communicate with them anytime they want and wherever they are.

Secondary research question:

How do the new media technologies increase communication and social interaction within households?

Survey question: How does the new media technology reduce communication barriers in your family?

Analysis: Because the new media technology can help in reducing communication barriers, I ask this question because I would like to know how many believe new media technology has improved social and communication interaction, it happened that 80% believe media technology has positively improved social interaction and communication interaction within households and 20% disagree on that.

Survey question: How do new media technologies lead to privatization and family divide?

Analysis: It is evident that 60% of the respondents believe that new media technology absorption limits their availability and ability to communicate with their parents while 90% of the respondents prefer sharing their emotions and feelings through social media channels such as Facebook, What sap and Twitter.

Survey question: Do family members use new media technology individually instead of collectively?

Analysis: Although 80% believe new media technology can positively increase social interaction, 80% prefer to use the new media technology individually while 20% prefer using them collectively

Primary sub-questions: . How does new media technology affecting students academic achievements in the UAE

Survey question: How do you use much of your leisure time? Reading or Chatting?

Analysis: Most of the respondents admitted to using their leisure time to chat with friends through what sap, Skype and Facebook chat rather than reading.

correct formatting problems

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be double-spaced on standard size paper

have 1" margins on all sides

have a serif 12 point typeface, such as Times New Roman, for the text

use a sans serif typeface, such as Ariel, for table and figure labels

indent the first line of every paragraph one-half inch (not the abstract)

align the text to the left-hand margin

have two spaces after a full stop (.)

include a page header at the top of every page

include page numbers on the right side of the page header

include the TITLE OF YOUR PAPER in upper case on the left-hand side of the page header

this formatting must be for all report and the table


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