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The power of forgiveness

This film is awesome and informative on matters relating to forgiveness. As shown on the video, forgiveness can be taught from childhood. In school the kids should be trained on the importance of embracing and forgiving one another. Accordingly, as per the facilitator says at the beginning of the video, forgiveness is not about telling people to forgive others. It starts by letting people to know what it is by opening up their mind through letting them know about the forgiveness granted to them by God. I concur with the speaker that people should be taught about forgiveness from their childhood up to maturity level.

As well, the video emphasize on the importance of forgiveness. For instance, Mr. Khamisa decided to forgive Tony. Instead of revenging against the murder of his son, he established a foundation to teach children on forgiveness. The video also helps one to learn why it is essential to forgive others. When you fail to forgive you suffer from bitterness and hurt. Lastly, it is true that healing starts at forgiveness.

The Linda White Story

This video presents a case where a murder meets the victims. The aim of the meeting is to try understanding the reason that led the murderer to commit the crime. The video reveals how a process of healing and forgiveness takes place. For one to forgive and heal, there must be a conversation about what contributed to the perpetrator of the crime to effecting, understanding their past, and what they have gone through in their lives. As revealed in the video, consistent negativities without forgiveness results to depression and hate that give birth to crimes such the killings of innocents like Kathy.

Also, if one wants to heal, they must forgive the perpetrators through meeting and having a one on one conversation. Without doing this, the victim and perpetrator live with bitterness and anger which makes it hard to heal and recover from the problem. Furthermore, it is important to understand the background of people committing crimes. When a child is subjected to a background thats full of rejection and hate like Brown Gray it makes them to live a life destined to revenge. As such, teaching people how to forgive is a way of helping them a healthy life as it initiates a healing process.

Muslim employee workplace conflict assignment

In this video, a supervisor and an employee are in a conflict. The employee wants to continue with her schedule of conducting daily prayers in the workplace an act the supervisor is against. As a result, the matter goes to the human resource department for resolution. However, the human resource department forwards the issue to community resolution center as a way of solving the conflict. The aim is to bring the two groups together for a dialogue a process termed as the humanistic approach to conflict resolution.

In regard to healing and forgiveness, the video represents a set of a process that can be used to solve issues leading to hatred. Just as the process of solving conflict in the issue presented on the video, the first starts with meeting the two parties individually and requesting whether the two parties can meet and discuss the issue in presence of a mediator. This process is essential in initiating healing and forgiveness process. As shown, pouring out your heart and feelings is the best healing therapy. Hence, in helping people to forgive those who wronged them, offering a mediator-led dialogue forum is essential.



Muslim Employee Workplace Conflict Assignment.

Power of Forgiveness.

The Linda White Story.

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