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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in many respects has all the digital bells to make it likable at first sight of the movie. The film begins by introducing the futuristic fighters who were involved in Vol. 1, and they include Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), a funny character with at roguish behavior which calls himself the Star-Lord. The Movie has the prolog set in Missouri in 1981 in which we can hear the beautiful vintage tunes which in this case is the 1972 hit by Brandy You are fine Girl. Peter Quill and the green-faced assassin Gamora (Zoe Saldana) have been given a lot of narrative room. However, the problem with these two is that they perpetuate an unrequited love- affair which in my opinion is so vague and virtually inert. On the other hand, we have the ex-wrestler star Dave Bautista, as clueless as he always is Drax, gets off some of the movies best lines particularly in his flirtations with a strong new character called Mantis (Pom Klementieff).

Furry battle master Rocket (voiced by Bradley Copper) and his friend Baby Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel) are with no doubt the real stars of the show. There are two scenes in the movie that are worth noting and most likely the funniest scenes of the movie. The scene in which Rocket is attempting to teach baby Groot how to prime bomb and the other one in which Rocket and Groot are in the jail, and Rocket is attempting to explain to Groot how to they will break out. In my opinion, the new character Baby Groot is just awesome even beyond the call of sci-fi, in fact in the story when the villain expressed the desire to kill the little character, he is told not even to try it: He is too adorable. In this movie, Peter Quill meets his father, who opens his future up to new opportunities but also drags him into the baggage of the past. The director somehow finds a way to subvert the expectations of people from the vol. 1, Groot who is the directors new avatar as Baby Groot, gets more of the scene in this movie compared to the vol.1. As the movie progresses, we can see the confrontation between Peter Quill and the villain, Quill decides to make some amazing dance moves to please the villain, but the villain refuses to succumb to Peter his tricks.

This movie is different from the Vol. 1 but not necessarily better, most importantly the difference is on the issues that matter. It was going to be hard to replicate the success of the first movie, particularly now that the people know what to expect. The writer Gunn was smart, and he delivered. He was able to build on the expectations from the first movie and most importantly find a way of recreating beats and emotions from his audience. However, like the first picture, this one was filled with action-driven sequences which were at some point cartoonish and wildly bloated. In some instances, the writer showed his sheer genius by cranking the music and allowing the screen to bleed as the good guys in the movie kill one villain after another. The writer also attempted to pull a kind of smiling sadism a trait in which even the famous writers in the world are unable to pull off. Gunn also did a good job in ensuring that the storyline of the movie is well understood and most features in the movie are visual rather than narrative. The most interesting components in this picture include the animated diorama-like tableaus that Ego uses to narrate his life and most importantly the kaleidoscopic fantasia that suggests the amazing heavy metal cover art and the trippy science fiction. In general, the movie was clear, and the story line was well narrated.

Was this movie persuasive? Well, the answer to this question is no, this is because the writer of this movie focused a lot of attention in filling the Quills origins even after dispatching his Mom in Vol.1. Despite the good will that Quills father (Kurt Russell) brings into the picture, it does not sound promising all the same. The style of Quills father is confusing, and in my opinion, the writer failed to add more flexibility and creativity to this character. However, before Mr. Russell is swallowed up by the digital effects and the story, he holds us with the laid-back old vibe and brings an unforced looseness to the picture that it very much requires. This movie is not so much different from other films of the same kind. I feel like everyone involved in this movie was straining so hard to make this picture one of its kind, particularly its director, James Gunn.

Like any other movie, this picture has its strengths and weaknesses. I like the fact that writer plays a scene straight and then humorously pulling the rug out of it. Moreover, the pictures ability to be an engaging, science-fiction narrative is its strongest point. The writer takes advantage of our familiarity with the characters idiosyncrasies behaviors to create more humorous instances in the picture while revealing important elements of their respective backstories. Another good strength of this movie is its ability to set up a villain with sufficient depth which is enough to keep us emotionally invested. However, I feel like the father- son idea plays flatly, and it has repeatedly been told in the movie, and the writer should have been more creative. Moreover, there are a lot of space battling and zooming around that have been beautiful done. However, it has been done continuously until at some point it becomes oppressive and forces us to think of the films missteps.

Often many people would want their superhero films to carry the emotional heft of a Pixar Movie, and that is why most of the movies nowadays have become notorious for dressing the same picture in colorful costumes and calling it a new franchise. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 didnt offer the fresh kicks of the first movie, but I will frankly say that the picture was fun. There were some characters especially the Rocket, who I couldnt get enough of them. The movie was long; I hope the writer makes it a little bit shorter next time.

From this movie, I realized that they are some things I need to learn. First I need to learn how to keep going, in the movie the guardians of the galaxy faced a lot of challenges and they occasionally failed, and at times things would seem as if it is spiraling out of their control, but the guardians never gave up. Second, I realized that I should always cheer my friends, from the picture the Guardians were very close friends and they often cheered and appreciated one another. Third, I learned that it is important to appreciate different talents, in the movie every guardian had unique sets of abilities and skills and also they had downfalls too. A good example is a part where Drax struggles to keep his cool, but Rocket delivers some comedic relief. I also noted that the Guardians of Galaxy team worked very efficiently since the team members played off each others strengths and compensated for each others weaknesses. These are just some of the significant ideas that people should adopt from this movie. In general, this movie inspired my soul and mind to a higher level. Moreover, this film allows people to feel something different after watching it, not only does it include pure imagination but also relates to the logical part of the human beings. The way the characters have evolved to become the grand scheme of the story is just amazing. However, there is this line that tugged my heartstrings when Yondu (Michael Rooker) tells Quill he may have been your father, but he is not your daddy. The musical moments are great, and most of them offer memorable moments.

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