Hollywood in Vienna, Great Hall - Personal Report on Concert Attendance

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It was on Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th October 2013 in the vast hall of the prestigious Konzerthaus where the concert by James Horner who was purportedly returning to the studios he worked with long before he could become famous. The various performances that performed on that night; and they played different types of items. The concert was divided into two parts nights, and each had their performances. The best performers I witnessed and can always remember are; Star Trek II and Braveheart both performed by End Titles (Excerpts); An American Tail Somewhere Out There Piano: Jeremy Schonfeld Singers; Deborah Cox & Jeremey Schonfeld Arrangement; The Amazing Spider-Man End Titles. Lastly, The Land Before Time If We Hold On Together Singers: Deborah Cox & Jeremy Schonfeld Arrangements: Werner Stranka & Martin Gellner/Beat4feet. I was happy with the first part of the concert; however, the second part was entirely memorable and very exciting.

The show began with End Titles from Star Trek II played in short versions accompanied by images of interplanetary universes and the title of movies. This performance was a magnificent view that James Horner had made. Performance Geza Frank then followed this performance from moving End titles of Bravehearts. These two performances were outstanding in their presentations and the animation that was on the screen. Geza Frank was an excellent performer, and he made the crowd move with his movement. Even though the recitals of these two items were shortened, it was one of the beats that could be chosen to create the best mood in the audience. I felt like I could just stand and help with the action and the dancing to the tune of the performances.

The song, somewhere out there performed by Deborah Cox and assisted by Jeremy Schonfeld, who dealt the piano part was also in the epic of making a person feel like they would want to fly. I believe she was great and her voice could be felt across the concert room as she moved and danced while singing. Comparing the mood created by this song with the earlier performances, the song seemed to have moved people to the next level of emotions. She almost made it the height of James.

The last piece of the evening was Gone with the Wind which is a music done by Mark Steiner. Most of his music associated with Hollywood movies, thus this made it the perfect way to close the concerts for both nights. Regarding influence and emotions, this closing music left a lasting impression on me. The musically and the way it synchronized the instruments, how it could hit the high notes, and the overall performances could not match anywhere.

My attendance at this concert was no way that exposed me to various methods of styles and compositional techniques in performances and composition. How the performers could be able to handle their musical instruments was a commendable job. Particularly, the handling of violin and orchestra to produce different, yet synchronized types of voices were also super cool. Most of the performances are still ringing in my mind, as I keep remembering how good it was. I saw the crowd move in amusement on several occasions during the performances, and also kept clapping for long. When the concert was over, most of the people still wanted to get more. I, can, therefore, state that the crowd was happy with the performers and the concert as a whole. This show made me like such events, and I will probably want to attend such performances again. However, do not get confused, I did not like everything. For example, I hated when they could not show the musician on screens. But overall, I would attend another concert, since this one made me cheerful.

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