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The photograph (Piss Christ) resembles the photograph of Jesus at the cross. The photograph carries some religious meanings because the image resembles that of Jesus at the cross. The picture contains a cross and a human figure. The first time I looked at the picture, I thought of Jesus when he was crucified on the cross. The figure in the photograph is common with the Roman Catholics because they carry similar figure to represent the crucified Christ. The picture triggers a feeling sympathy because of the troubles that Christ Jesus went through to save the human beings from sin. The artist of the photograph illuminated the figure to show the light that Jesus Christ brought to the earth. Many Christian churches use similar image of the photograph to imply Christ Jesus at the cross. For this reason, looking at the photograph triggered a feeling of the Christina Faith. However, my feelings regarding the photograph may differ from the perspective of the artist, as the essay will depict.

Brief Historical Background

Andres Serrano is the artist of the photograph Piss Christ. The photograph appears submerged in Yellow fluids. According to the artist, the yellow fluids represent his urine. Since 1987, the photograph has attracted many controversial opinions. Andres Serrano drew the photograph to depict its submergence of the figure in his Urine. The photograph is the work of art and as before earned the owner funds from the national endowment for arts. During th1980s and the 1990s, the photograph has caused the culture wars among different religious leaders and political leaders. The pastors had great concerns on the implications of the art on Christian faith because it had the image of Christ similar to the biblical art. The photograph is famous across different cultures around the globe because different people had what to say about the picture. Some people were of the opinion that the photograph should be acceptable in the art because of the controversial nature of the image. However, the battles over the picture earned the image a double fame around the globe. The rise in the fame for the photograph has attracted many artists to push the boundaries of the photograph beyond the expectations. Despite the controversial nature of the photograph, the artist has earned several awards because of the wonderful photograph of his time. Two of the institutions that supported the artist of Piss Christ include United States government and the national endowment for the arts. The Christians of the era did not receive the photograph with joy as the bodies that support arts. It is apparent that Christians came out in large numbers to vandalize the property following the fact that it tainted the image of Jesus. The photograph appears immersed in yellow fluids, depict human image hanged at the cross. The interpretations of Christians are that the image is that of Jesus. According to the bible, Jesus was crucified, buried, and raised from the cross.

Inspiration of the Picture to the Age and the Generation

In this generation, the photograph depicts religious belief because it is a symbol of Jesus at the cross. The readers of the Bible in this generation understand very clearly the implication of the Piss Christ in the Christina life. Another alternative perspective of the picture is the art of drawing. Andres Serrano displays his ability to draw a picture to the Piss Christ. The picture inspires youths to engage in creative activities and to display their talents of creativity through art. Andres Serrano thought creatively and put his imagination into the reality. The image is an inspiration to the young generation to think creatively and invent new things. Christians did not like the fact that Andres Serrano drew the picture to depict his urine. Most of the Catholics protested over the image because of the belief it was no right to draw the image Jesus as immersed in the urine. The Christian faiths hold that the death of Jesus Christ brought forgiveness of sins. The symbol of Jesus at the cross plays an important role in their lives.

In this generation, most Christians have faith in the resurrection of Jesus. None of the Christians will accept that fact that Andres Serrano drew the image of Jesus as immersed in Urine. It is a show of disrespect to the image of Jesus to attach with dirt such as that of human waste products. However, people of the modern age do not think much about the Andres Serrano art and its implication to the Christina faith. However, most of the people of this age understand the teaching of the people about the teaching of the death and resurrection of Jesus. As a result, the image has religion implications on the life of the view. For example, without reading the background information about the photograph, it is hard to know that the artist for the Piss Christ was depicting the image as immersed in urine. Most people will view the photograph as the image of Christ at the cross.

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