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The study of film has impacted positively in the industry of film making. There has been technological advancement in the sector; High concept products have been made as seen in the picture industry, rise of television, home videos, and cables.

There is a self-replicating system behind the film industry and high concept is very significant and much powerful regarding its command in the field of film making. In consideration to paths travelled on by both high concept and low concept via the film industry and also in the market field, actually the high concept tests well and better within a market research process because it is well recognized by the respondents. There has been a bigger possibility for the high concept to be moulded by stronger institutions and also industries. The author asserts, High concept is powerful in its command of the contemporary film industry partly because the system behind these films is self-replicating (p. 216). It has not been evitable for Hollywood to seek a pre-sold price for a high concept product like for an adaptation of cinema of a series of television.

High concept power has been much vital in the within the industry in past 20 years with consideration of overall film history development for the Americas.

Interestingly to contemplate was also the rise of network television. A generation of auteurs that developed during the high concept period. There is an anticipation by Timothy Corrigan regarding tendency in the strength in terms of connection posited between the two media. Television actors have faced extension of mobility together with their respective directors between the TV and Film.

A relationship between two young teens also led to a destruction of bohemian family house and family unit and this could with ease be pronounced as a retribution towards the unstable. There has been an existence of homosexuality existing between certain teens and this is regarded immoral. Sexual deference has been augmented in certain unclear circumstances too. There has been a coexistence of partners in crime, teen prostitutes who have really been forced to flee from their respective dwelling places by abuse (p. 217)

Certain institutional structures are also operative regarding support towards the high concept film so steeped in an ideology which is conservative. Within a mainstream cinema context adoption follows motive of economy. Hollywood will lead to an alteration of a dominant style of production if rendered certain box-office revenue. This process has been in its continuation throughout the entire the development of the film history inclusive of Hollywood classical period of cinema.

There have also been certain alterations within the high concept style with ongoing situations as well. The key source of majority of these alterations have been regarded to be within production modes in a commercial cinema and are not within the mainstream. Artists too have certain involvement or engagement in narration of their creative works of art and projects. Artists operating within alternative cinemas can also as well adopt certain styles of filmmaking dominantly as an offering part in their styles of critique. This is in consideration to the Tom Kalins independent film Swoon (1992) that brought an offering of a contemporary perspective (p. 221).

An influence of media artist also did create an impact though besides them, a concept of higher level shall still remain as a production form within the industry of film. The artists are also considered as key colleagues who are great and worthwhile towards the film industry and for its development.

In my conclusion, a high concept in film making industry has brought a lot of substantiality. Europe, America and Japans cinemas have also become directors cinemas with the American directors being the film star. It is the Americans who are leading with major film studios; for instance, the JFK 1991 (p. 219). There has been a transition from television to film which has also been very effective and successful. The movement towards the highest industries favours the television aesthetics.



Wyatt T, High Concept Movie and Marketing in Hollywood, Austin University Of Texas Press,1994


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