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Writer: Mohammed Hassan Ahmed

Actors: Omar Al Mullah, Neven Madi, Abra Al Hamad, Khadeeja Al Tale, Hassan Rajab, Bilal Abdullah, Aisha Abduk Rahman, Ahmad Iraj and Ali Al Jabiri

Production Company (government or non-government):

Year of Production: 2011

Running Time: 105 minutes

Release/festival plays: Emirati

Box office numbers:

Budget: 3.67AED

Synopsis of film

Nawal el Janahs Sea Shadow is the second feature that the filmmaker has made. Sea Shadow draws an intimate portrait of the small seaside vicinity of Ras Al-Khaimah. One of the main characters, Mansoor is a delivery boy of juices made by his mother. Mansoor is in love with Kaltham, one of the prettiest girls in the neighborhood. Mansoor, however, has one problem. He has no means of expressing his sentiments to Kaltham due to the restraints of the local etiquette.

Through the life of Mansoor and Kaltham, it is evident from the movie that the struggles of young individuals are moving to adulthood a=has a universal reach. The filmmaker is successful in portraying the movie with a deep comprehension of the local environment that the movie is set in as the narrative is around it. The work of the filmmaker is based on his culture both in style and content.

The movie Sea Shadow highlights a part of Emirates that are unfamiliar with the rest of the world. In essence, the movie goes to the traditional Emirati families who are living in their homes and sometimes find the everyday struggles that other individuals face in the emirates. The producers if the film has created a proper mood that assists the audience to identify with its characters while at the same time allowing them to comprehend their local values.

Although the film follows a nice rhythm all the way to a conclusion, it is imperative to comprehend that it at times misses the climaxes that are needed to close certain scenes. In as much as most of the events are crucial and may also be dramatic, the thrill is sometimes lacking.


Although Sea Shadow is an up and close and intimate portrayal of everyday life, the two main characters, Mansoor (male) and Kaltham (female) are youngsters who belong to tow emirate families that struggle with the life on a daily basis. Mansoors father is confined to a chair, and as a result, his mother is the breadwinner. On the other hand, Kalthams father is not working although he is physically able. Kalthams father has become emotionally paralyzes particularly after the death of his wife. After the death of his wife, he became nonchalant, sour and bitter towards is three children. There are no other nationalities apart from the Emiratis.

Romantic love is shown in the movie whereby Mansoor loves Kaltham and decides to buy her a present. The love between genders is strictly prohibited for individuals who are not married. The males have to respect their mothers and any elders in the society.

Motherhood plays a vital role in the lives of young Emiratis. In some instances, they are breadwinners. There are a few battles between men and women, and it is mainly because of the roles that they play in their families.

Sea Shadow sheds light on the economic status of the Emirati society that is not known or shown to the whole world. The characters live in struggling households. The setting by the filmmaker does not depict the stereotypical jet-setting Emiratis who own palatial homes, flashy cars, and armies of servants. The characters are mainly struggling Emiratis with financial woes who try to keep up with life in the best possible way that they can.

The two protagonists, Mansoor and Kaltham, are from poor neighborhoods. T is through their stories that the stereotypical perceptions of social welfare are shattered and also given a face to the emirates estimated population. The manner the people behave is dependent on their economic status. Two key t physical manifestations on the landscape show the difference or similarity in economic class of the people in Emirates. Initially, there is the nomadic desert-oriented Bedouins farmer who lives by the context of the desert economy and the richer individuals who live the sea-oriented culture that revolves around sea trading and pearling. Wealth is depicted as an old thing in that it is inherited.

The main characters are predominantly Muslim. This is because of their beliefs and dressing. Religion plays a vital role in the young lives of the main characters. It is through religion that Mansoor has to follow certain norms and values. No other religions have been depicted in the movie. Religion is key to the central character development as it gives Mansoor challenges on how to inform Kaltham that he is in love with her.

When one thinks of the UAE, one pictures sea, sand, and camels. The Sea Shadow movie portrays such elements. In my opinion, the filmmaker failed to depict the impact that other religions have on the young characters. Symbols of religion, such as mosques, appear on the landscape do appear/


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