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Explain the norm you like to violate will violate.

The norm that I probably like to violate is proscriptive norm. In sociology, norm refers to the different shared standard of behavior considered appropriate and desirable culturally. When a male people dress in a female dress, they break proscriptive norm.

Define briefly how proscriptive norm acts as a tool of social control.

Proscriptive norms are norms which describe the form of behavior directing the role-player to abstain from a particular type of activity (Risko, 2016). For example, the norm dressing norm prohibit male from dressing into female cloths and vice versa.

Explain the activity you will participate in so as to violate the norm

I can violate the norm through wearing the female dress backward or inward out so as to attract criticism from the society.


Outline some of the likely possible range of reactions that can arise from others in the invent you violate the norm

People will star having an animated conversation with other about the dressing code. Additionally, people within the group will start laughing on the dressing code. Finally, some people will mock the dressing code while others will offer the correct attire.

Can you predict some of the possible reaction from the people in the area where the violation of the norm will take place?

Some of the primary reaction I can predict from the people includes be loud laughter and cheer from the people within the group

Describe the setting

Physical the place where violation of the norm will happen?

The violation of the social dressing norm or proscriptive takes place during the inter-schools football competition within the school compound

Socialapproximate the number as well as the category of people of observing the social norm being violated?

During the football completion, I think a bigger group of people approximately 7000 will be looking my dressing code with dismay. I also predict that Teachers, students from the various school as well as the outsiders who came to cheer up various schools observe the dressing code amid laughter.

Briefly explain the incidentgive a picture of how the scene where violation of the dressing code looks like?

When I arrived at the school compound, people mostly students start looking at dressing code that I was putting on a female dress while actual I was a male. Within a short period, a large group of people had already gathered around me. Students, teachers, and villagers started cheering me up. Everybody wanted to take the photo with me. The school activity came to a standstill as the media began interviewing me concerning the dressing code.

Summary and Interpretation

Describe the feeling that you went through when you were violating the norm?

Initially, I was nervous because of the laughter and giggling from the crowd. I feared that my teachers could penalize me for violating social norm by putting on female dress. Later, i gathered courage and become so much confident. I gathered more confidence after seeing the teachers from other schools fool of praise for the courage that I had. After short interviews from the journalist, I realized that I was promoting social norms concerning dressing within the community.

Explain the reason why you feel the way you did?

I had Nervous feeling because of the fear of being penalized by the teacher for breaking school of not being decent. Moreover, I felt tense because of the looks towards me from the crowd.

Was the reaction of the people according to your expectation? Explain.

After realizing that I was the point of discussion and laughter from the students and teachers, I reacted by I reacted by trying to remove the dress. Due to the resistance from the people around me, I could not successfully, remove the dress. Later I realized that I reacted exactly the way I had planned to do when I was leaving the house.

Did you encounter any difficulties in carrying out your assignment?

I could not fully participate in the cheering the school football team due to the interaction between people who wanted to take the photo and ask me question why I was dressing the female dress yet I was a male.

Explain what knowledge you gain concerning the expectancies for breaching social interaction?

The knowledge that I learned enable me to understand that people within the communities uphold the social norms especially the dressing code among the two genders. People expect each gender to put on right attire. I also understand that doing the opposite is seen as a taboo thereby attracting an extensive criticism and discussion among people including the learned individuals within the society.

Explain what you learn on how norm exercise social control?

From the dressing code, I realized that norm uses the social control to ensure that people dress decently within the community. Social control refers to the control of the society overs a person or an individual. The social control ensures that there is desired behavior among people thereby enabling them to have to develop social qualities.

Any other relevant remarks

The remarks that I cone make is that norm also uses social control through physical force to bring the society into conformity and ensure approved behavior patterns.


Risko, E. F., Richardson, D. C., & Kingstone, A. (2016). Breaking the fourth wall of cognitive science: Real-world social attention and the dual function of gaze. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 25(1), 70-74.


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