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According to Hamlyn (1992), the film was written by Fricke Ron and stated that Baraka means a joyful breath or blessing to an individual or particular group of people based on reconnecting and rediscovery of oppressive city life, war, and religious rituals. The film requires no translation because of its edition that uses natural sounds and great portraits that indicate the life in it and the human planet. Further, the film was seen as an incredible one due to its beauty of the world and soothing songs that calmed down the viewers by expressing a vision in the modern society. It does not have a plot, script either actors rather it contains images in it depict some sad and best moments in the human life. The movie further is considered as a spiritual film as it showed daily lives of individuals from a different imagination and perspective. Its relevance to the society is that the movie proves the creativity of visual art and passion in a person that helps him perform certain duties effectively such as video production. Some of the scenes in the film included:

First is the monks that were following cigarette images along the streets. The explanation was that they were asking why cigarettes were made (Smooth, 1992). The idea was that the people in that community valued religion as part of their cultural practice in Tokyo. They considered this kind if walk as a social norm is revealing the people that different societies have their norms and cultural practice. The second scene is the monkey kecak created in 1930 at Bali for entertaining the tourists. It explains the Hindu story of how Ramayana was helped by a white army animal to rescue his wife that got kidnapped by acting in a suspicious manner.

In turn, this showed that people from different regions follow meaningless practices and rituals making them believe that it is a religious activity. Moreover, there existed a group of men in a circle joining in singing, dancing, kneeling with their arms in the air and facing a Buddha statue. It was as a sign of worship and used in the opening ceremonies as a ritual for good luck to the participants. However, it proves their fulfillment with joy being that they were allowed to decorate themselves with different colors, beads, and ornaments during any function. The fourth scene was the varying differences in the living status of these people. Their lifestyles and life depended on the kind of work each does to earn a living as compared to the third world (Ebert, 2008). Those individuals who worked in the factory form example, achieve their basic needs and could support their families in an easy way using the finances earned from the industry. In this movie, it was so ironical that the precious things that human being value in their lives could kill them.

In conclusion, Baraka movie depicted the beauty of different communities and their cultural activities around the globe showing their interactions with each other. The people have to work together to maintain the stability of their culture and their religious beliefs. By watching this film, one gets the interest of wanting to travel and explore the universe because of its screen shooting and edition from different places merged into one short film showing the beauty of the natural resources and human activities in the world.



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