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Hypothesis 1: Product risk is negatively associated with online shopping.

Have you purchased a product online, and it did not meet your requirements, or the actual specifications and description were not in-line with what was previously advertised? Did you seek compensation? Can you describe how this incident made you feel?

Are you aware of the perceived risks that are associated with online shopping?

If yes, how do you feel they impacted your purchasing behavior?

Are there instances whereby you use the online platform to assess the different products in order to determine their price range and different variety, and then go to purchase these products in a traditional (brick and mortar store)? If yes, why? And how often have you found yourself engaging in such an activity?

Hypothesis 2: Financial risk has a negative effect in regards to online shopping.

Do you feel that it saves times and money to purchase electronics through an online platform?

There are different perceived risks that are associated with online shopping such as financial and performance risks. Which perceived risks do you feel has a huge impact on your purchasing behavior, and which one do you feel has the least impact on your purchasing behavior?

Can you briefly describe your experience when you used this platform for transactions?

Hypothesis 3: Privacy risk is negatively associated with online shopping intentions.

Between online shopping and the traditional method of shopping, which one do you feel is better, and why do you feel that it is a superior method of shopping?

Do you feel that online stores are reliable and safe places to purchase electronic products?

Hypothesis 4: Consumers who place the enjoyment of online shopping than the perceived risks are highly likely to purchase products online.

What benefits do you, your family members, or friends associate online shopping with?

Do you feel that online stores are suitable for purchasing electronic products?

Is it enjoyable for you to use online stores to purchase electronic products?

Do you intend to purchase electronic devices in an online store within the next 12 months?

Hypothesis 5: It is highly likely that consumers who have a high income will be more likely to use the online platform to purchase than the consumers who have a low income.

Have you ever used online shopping to purchase a product or service?

What are the challenges that you or your close associates have faced while using online shopping?

Hypothesis 6: Consumers with internet experience are highly likely to use online platform to make their purchasing decision.

What are your usage patterns of the internet?

How did you come about or how did you learn about the existence of online shopping?

Has any form of media encouraged or influenced you to purchase an electronic product online?

Do you know any online store that you can use to purchase electronics online?

Do you feel that using these online stores to purchase electronic products is problematic?

Is it easy for you to navigate through the online stores to research about a product, select it and make payments for electronic products?


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