Possible Diversifications Responses to a Repercussion of a Repugnant Marketing Campaign: Microsoft Lumia

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1.4 The Research Problem

The research problem is a comprehensive statement that warrants the need to proceed with this research. As such, given the problems that Microsoft has been undergoing in the last five years concerning the trailing of Lumia brand, it is vital to establish the condition that leads to such huge apathy to the brand. Industrial giants Nokia formerly made Lumia hardware, however, due to the problems in marketing, the product lost influence in the market. With time, there have been huge repercussions that have been associated with repugnant marketing strategies formally applied by Nokia. Microsoft inherited this problem, yet it has no means of giving a fine end to the problem by means of a new convincing marketing strategy. So far, the brand is losing its market share against rival brands of Android and iPhone. With such distressing conditions, it is important to explore what caused the repugnant condition of marketing management, as well explore the possible diversification responses that can be applied to sharpen legacy marketing systems.

The Research Question

The research question will help narrow down the main questions into a set of questions that break down the problem, hence treat each arm of the problem independently.

Main Question

Possible diversifications responses to a repercussion of a repugnant marketing campaign: Case Study: Microsoft Lumia


Question 1. Is there any close relationship between previous systems and current system?

Question 2. To what extent does a marketing strategy qualify as repugnant

Question 3. To what extent are the previous Nokia Lumia marketing strategies responsible for the current redundancy of Microsoft Lumia Products?

Question 4: What are the conditions in place limiting Microsoft from exploring new options in the market?

Question 5: Did the organization project its current situation in previous financial statement (2012-2014 in particular)

Question 6: What are the diversification options available for Nokia Marketing Management team

Question 7: Are the diversification options market inquisitive only, or will require changes in the product and organizational setups.

Question 8: Are there any systems that might contradict with possible diversification strategies?

1.6 Aim and Research Objectives1.6.3 Aim of the StudyThe primary aim of the study is to explore the possible repercussions of repugnant systems that were adopted formerly by Nokia Lumia marketing management

1.6.4 The Objectives of the StudyExplore the marketing managerial techniques available previously

Examine how the previous marketing managerial techniques have a long-term impact on the current situation in Nokia

Interrelate the market conditions to the technical, organizational, environmental, corporate and cultural framework of Microsoft Lumia

Contrasts Microsoft Lumia marketing corporate governance to the previous Nokia corporate governance

1.7 The Significance of the Study

The study is unique, and significant scholarly and corporate wise given the current situation facing Lumia is in dire question whether contemporary marketing strategies should be trusted. Lumia originated from Nokia and Microsoft, at one point, each firm dominated the Smartphone-GSM market and personal computing. Hence, the study should attempt to uncover the repercussions and the repugnant systems, to help marketing managers create lasting solutions to marketing strategies. As well, the study findings are important to the faculty and other levels of schooling.

1.8 Research Design

The research design is the general road map that helps break down the research questions into further data. The approach enables achieving a stable quality system given that it establishes guidelines and instructions that are vital in addressing the research questions. The proposed research design, in this case, is experimental, with sources of data being from online sources. Various tools embedded in the SPSS program will be used to conduct a numerical evaluation.

1.8.1 The Research Methodology

The research methodology is an extension of the research design. The methodology is a rationale, procedures, practices, and principles that are applied to mine and refine data appropriately. The research methodology for this study is a hybridized approach of quantitative and qualitative data. Quantitative data is generated from statistical findings of the research, while the qualitative study is generated from several reports showing that indeed there are repercussions that justify Nokia marketing systems were repugnant.

1.9Limitations and Delimitations of the Research

1.9.1 Limitations

1.9.2 Delimitations

1.9.3 Ethical Considerations

Chapter II: Literature Review

The chapter below provides a scholarly approach towards investigating the marketing management problems that are similar to Lumia problems now. The chapter delves on the findings of other researchers in the same field hence giving a well profound justification on the same field. The scholarly analysis is supported by a deep theoretical assessment, which is helps in creating a hypothetical environment whether repercussions of an incoherent marketing strategy could possibly lead to an underperforming present marketing campaign. The entire approach is centered on qualities of a past marketing strategy as compared to qualities of a present marketing strategy.


3.1 Introduction

3.2 Design of the Study

The research will use SPSS to conduct an experimental design. The design will be possible because there will be more than one dependent variable tagging to the main variable, Repugnant of Marketing management. The goal will further request utility of the ANOVA systems to help analyze data more effectively using SPSS Univariate method.

3.3.1 Approaching the Situation

3.3.2 Qualitative Research Design response to questions

3.3.3 Difference between Qualitative and Quantitative methods

3.3.5 Advantages and Disadvantages of each method

3.3.6 Limitations of Qualitative Research

3.4 The Qualitative Research Procedure

3.4.1 Carrying Out Objective Qualitative Research

3.5 The Process of Qualitative Research

3.5.1 Creating a Conceptual Framework and Research Questions

3.5.2 Data Collection

3. 6 Quantitative Research Logic

3.6.1 Deductive vs Inductive

3.6.2 The First Stage

3.7 Making and Verifying Final Conclusions

3.7. Summarizing Themes

3.8 Variables

3.8.1 Independent Variable

3.8.2 Dependent Variable

3.9 Subjects

3.9.1 Instructional Materials

3.9.2 Marketing Session

3.9.3 Design of Instructions

3.10.2 Prior Knowledge Questionnaire

3.11 Validity

3.12 Implementation Procedures

3.12.1 Pilot Study

3.12.2 Main Experiment

3.12.3 Pre-Tests on attendants service delivery


4.1 Introduction

Chapter 5: Discussion

5.1 Importance of the topic

5.1.1 Microsoft Conditions

5.1.2 Repugnant Situation of the Systems

5.8 Conclusion

5.9 Recommendations





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