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The brand is one of the most important things currently in the industry despite the line of business the industry is operating. A brand is how the customers see the company and would wish to be associated with the company and in the process the company gets its market share due to this association of the customers with the company. There are so many different ways used by different companies so as to get their brand noticed by the customers in the market as well as to be able to beat competition from their competitors. In our case, a start-up company in the line of Distillery faces too much competition in the industry but the branding of the company will make it stand out (Ashley & Tuten 2015). Examples of companies in such line of work have very well branded themselves hence for a start-up company; serious research is required so as to ensure the company survives in the competitive market.

One of the leading branding strategy in the market today is the social media, it is responsible for almost all the things happening in our society, basically in almost every field and market. Currently, in the society, people tend to attach value to a product from a company by how well it is portrayed in the social media. The rate at which the brand circulates in the social media dictates how much the brand is known all over the world or a particular region (Krajbich et al., 2014). Competitor companies in the same industry have taken advantage of this and maximized on the opportunity by branding their product so well in the social media community hence manage to get a certain audience or customer base via the platform. For example, a company such as Ciroc has capture social media platform in a manner that is known all over the world due to its social media influence and impact.

With this kind of information for the start-up company, the first strategy would be coming up with a social media campaign strategy. This would help the company to penetrate the industry via social media and get its image out there. For example, for the company to get this going it should embrace facts such as in the social media there are social media influencers the company could use so as to have a major impact on the approach. Such social media influencers include different celebrates who happen to have major traffic over social media. The company could approach such people and make them their brand ambassadors so as to convince them to advertise the company product (Fuchs, 2017). The minute these influencers start associating with the company's product the brand of the company starts talking about the product the influencers will address the product's affordability, high-end nature of the product hence this enables the customers to relate with the brand more easily and faster.

There are traditional methods of marketing also but with the current position of the market and the company product, it becomes hard for the startup company to utilize the traditional marketing strategy since the number of audience for example paper poster will reach cannot be compared with the number of people an online poster on social media will reach as well as the cost of both. Social media seems to be the most efficient approach to the branding of the vodka company due to a number of reasons some already addressed. With a clear social media strategy for the company establishing the brand image will be less expensive and more effective. Ideas such as product placement can also be utilized in the process (Fuchs, 2017). Over social media, the amount of data shared can be used as product placement for the company products such as music videos where the company has their products featured in content with the highest traffic in social media. The social media has this advantage over customers since most of the people in the current world today have their decisions directly connected to the things happening in the social media. The company should capitalize on this concept and make its brand stand out.



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