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The ideology of the American dream revolves around the opportunities and freedom granted to all citizens when it comes to achieving their life goals. This involves acquiring wealth and becoming famous through working hard. Adverts play a significant role in creating a given concept or perception in the society. For decades, adverts have been forefront in shaping consumers emotions and attachment towards a particular product, idea or philosophy. Various advertisements have incorporated the principles of the American dream. This task will focus on analyzing a set of adverts in relations with the ideologies of the American dream.

Examples of Adverts selling the Idea of American Dream

Sell All This for $6000-You think Im Crazy

In this ad, there is a prospective buyer and seller of a house which represents a palatial home. This commercial is targeting individuals who want to live in a stereotypically American homestead. This advert works due to the principles it has applied in the making the contents and ideas to be promoted. It features warm colors, which implies the new beginnings. From the phrase Sell All This for $6000-You think Im Crazy indicates that the house is important to the owner and cannot relinquish it cheaply. The advertising strategy applied in this scenario creates an impression that whoever will acquire this home will gain a significant satisfaction that comes with perfect lifestyles of typical American families.

Apart from advertising the house, this commercial is also trying to sell the ideologies of family and trading (capitalism) which are part of the American dream. It is suggested that nuclear family is ideal in American society. Owning a house (property) is also another element that typifies the American dream. The owner of the asset is at liberty to charge any amount of money to the willing buyer. In this case, the buyer is determined to acquire the house. It is an indication that American dream requires individuals to be persistent and focused towards the achievement of their lifelong ambitions/goals. The message in this ad ignites my desires of owning a posh home and having a family which will improve my level of satisfaction as far as achieving my life goals is concerned. lefttopLook at MeWE CAN STOP IT

The advert LOOK ATWE CAN STOP IT is a commercial (through a billboard) which is championing for the fight against domestic violence. The advert was done as part of the celebration of International Women Day in 2015. On the billboard is a picture of a woman with her left eye bruise. This is accompanied by textual message: LOOK AT MEWE CAN STOP IT. The advert works in eliciting emotions of anger and contempt towards the injustices that women pass through in marriage. The advert is also urging the public to not cast a blind eye on the intimidation and sufferings that women are enduring by encouraging the entire society to be committed to eradicating domestic violence against women.

In addition to the obvious message displayed on this billboard, the advert is also trying to sell the principle of gender equality, which epitomizes American dream. Women are portrayed as weaker sex thus highlighting their vulnerabilities in the marriage. The advert also implies that domestic violence is derailing the achievement of American dream regarding the rights, freedom, and opportunities associated with marriage. After conceiving the message in this advert, I feel angry and offended by the existence of wife battering in various contemporary marriages.

The Bell Telephone System Advert

This commercial is advertising a landline telephone. The textual message in this ad reads: Reach for your phone and have a happy time The picture portrays a woman who is smiling as she uses the phone. The product being advertised plays a crucial role when it comes to conveying a message from one person to another, regardless of the geographical distance between them. The ad works since it is convincing and practical. Personally, I will wish to buy the product since it guarantees my connectivity with other people. The obvious message conveyed in this message is about the role of communication the society. The information disseminated through this advert encourages one to maintain effective communication that connects individuals to their opportunities, ultimately bringing happiness to their lives, which is an emblem of the American dream.


The universal concept outlined from the three identified ads is that all of them are trying to promote elements that add value to a human being, which involves using the available opportunities to make the life more appealing. These adverts advocate for better and improved lifestyles, thus creating a strong urge or desire in an individual. These principles of advertising convince a person to make a decision of acquiring new concept/product that implies an improvement relative to the previous situation. Apparently, adverts have a significant influence on the buying habits of consumers. Ads are known for the creation of awareness and consumer attitudes, ultimately affecting the purchasing behaviors of customers (Fatima and Lodhi 3). The ads on the properties have a strong effect since they enlighten individuals on how the nature of the opportunities that come with the acquisition of the product that is being advertised. It follows that people are typically lured into shopping and acquiring material possession due to the pursuit of comfort and fulfillment in their lives.


The American dream continues being manifested in various forms. Adverts have been vital in the description and selling the ideologies of the American dream. The ads emphasize on creating awareness of the products/services that are meant to improve the lifestyles of the people, which aligns with the principle of the American dream.


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