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The different advertisement uses different methods to deliver the intended message to the audience. Rhetoric strategies are one of the most influential methods used to convince and persuade viewers and other beneficiaries of information to see things in different perspectives and at the end of the day purchase the products being advertised. The primary objective of this essay is to analyze the Coca-Cola Zomer 2017 ad to evaluate how the successfully uses rhetoric strategies in the creation of persuasive proclamation about its product.

Three of the most convincing methods of used by advertisers with the aim of persuading consumers to use these products include pathos, logos, and ethos. All advertisers utilize persuasive communication when showcasing and creating their advertisements. Advertisers use these three strategies to create the most outstanding commercials for their companies. An advert made by Coca-Cola Company this year, entitled Coca-Cola Zomer 2017 utilizes the rhetoric strategies to persuade the viewers across the globe to purchase and use their coke brands (Coca-Cola). The YouTube advert is created in the way that it captures the attention of the many viewers' attention and also persuades them to use the brand being advertised. The ad appeals to consumers in a way to show that Coca-Cola is the best provider of refreshment, and it caters to all people regardless of their cultural backgrounds. We, therefore, wish to analyze how ethos, pathos, and logos were used in the creation of the ad.

According to the Aristotle, the developer of the three rhetoric strategies, ethos means the credibility that a person or a company have. In other words, ethos relies on how much we can trust the source of information we receive from the advertisers. This makes companies utilize services of people from different professionals to deliver trustworthy information. In this YouTube ad Coca-Cola Zomer 2017 the company is known to have the best reputation in the world making their ad very reliable. In the ad, there is a pool boy who cleans a pool for a family under scorching the sun. A lady and a young man from the household have a crush on the pool boy, and they rush and battle to give him a bottle of coke. After a struggle in the house with each one trying to get to the pool boy, they get out only to find that their mother had already reached there before them (Coca-Cola). All are happy at the end and smile at each other.

The credibility of this ad is that it exploits a real family rivalry and weather conditions that can expose a person to sweating and need to have a cold drink. Also, many people around the world need to take cold drinks when the weather is hot, which is what the company delivers in this advert.

Pathos, on the other hand, is an appeal to a persons emotions. This ad charms the emotional response of the consumers as triggers happy and contented feelings. Studies suggest that pathos is used to persuade and influence the decisions that consumers make (Percy and Rosenbaum-Elliott). There is pathos in Coca-Cola Zomer 2017 ad, starting with a sexual attraction of the family member in the ad to the pool boy. Once they develop an attraction towards the boy, the lady in the household, as well as her brother, rush out to give him a bottle of coke and make him happy. Both of this people wish to be noticed by the boy thus they figure that using Coca-Cola would be a solution to this. Also, the family ends up being happy and closer to the pool boy. Thus the ad successfully appeals to emotions of the viewers.

The ad shows the familys generosity in serving their favourite drink to the stranger whom they need to get affiliated to. The Coca-Cola Zomer 2017 uses pathos to persuade to all people regardless of their sexual orientation that they can use the Coca-Cola to make their feelings known by other people. Also, the way in which individuals in the ad enjoy the cold drink is a sure way to appeal to the consumer to have a taste of the good drink.

Lastly, the ad utilizes pathos in the way that the pool boy enjoys the drink. One can see that he enjoys his drink from the way that he closes his eyes and feels the refreshing moment down the throat. If a person watches this advertisement during a warm weather and sees the way in which this boy enjoys the drink, they will automatically buy a bottle of coke.

Logos, according to Aristotle is an appeal to people to use logical reasoning and make the right decisions when the need arises (Percy and Rosenbaum-Elliott). Coca-Cola Zomer 2017 ad is one of the few global adverts created by Coca-Cola to in their primary campaign known as Taste the Feeling. Thus, this ad is meant to view by people from different cultures and languages. It, therefore, the logic that the company decided to use people with different sexual orientation, and also the video does not include any verbal communication. In other words, the ad only utilizes moving pictures that can easily be understood by all in the world. Also, the fact that the ad is created by a hot weather and includes a typical family with universal brother and sister rivalry makes the ad more appealing to consumers to use logic reasoning.

However, the company fails to use statistical aspect of their product. However, this does not affect the reactions of the consumers and their purchasing decision negatively. The company is a well-established firm, and all their products are reliable by the consumers. In other words, almost each person around the globe knows Coca-Cola products. Thus there is no need for the company to showcase what a bottle of coke contains.


In summary, Coca-Cola Zomer 2017 ad utilizes all the aspects and guidelines of a rhetoric analysis. The ad shows an apparent use of the pathos in which it influences the consumers to achieve happiness when taking the drink. This area of appealing to the emotion of the user was the most successful part of the rhetoric strategy. The different feeling was enticed by the ad, such as the sense of happiness, and love. On the other hand, the ad achieves ethos in the way that the ad originates from a company with reputation and credibility. However, the ad did not showcase the statistical logos of the coke product, but this does not have any effect on the consumers decision, as almost all people know the Coca-Cola product. In this case, many people across the globe trust the Coca-Cola product and they, in most cases do not care about the ingredients that are used by the company.

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