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Part 1: Billboards

On my commute to school, I use different roads which have billboards. I think there are approximately ten billboards. Reason for this is that I have listed the products or services being advertised which always catch my attention. I have remembered these billboards because of their size, color, and message. All the ones that I listed featured colorful images that seem to attract my attention every time I use the road (Jong Woo et al., 2016). As a result, I have gotten so used to seeing them. Also, I have noticed that they all have a message written on them. Thus, I always find myself reading the promotion text. The bigger the billboard, the more attention it seems to attract. I have noticed this because there are some billboards close together on my way to school, but I can only recall the biggest.

After commuting again with the intention of counting the billboards, I realized that there were around 20 of them. Unfortunately, not all are effective; some are so small, a factor which makes it impossible to take notice (Jong Woo et al., 2016). Others are simply dull images with no kind of message. Therefore, they are not effective in their roles, when compared to those which are huge and colorful, and with an imprinted message. I noticed a few others which were effective since they were a duplicate of advertisements on the television channels and the internet (Jong Woo et al., 2016). For these few, even without a written text, the image of the product was enough to pass the message. Thus, it is evident that the bigger and more colorful the billboard is, the more attention it will attract.

Part 2: New Social Media Site

When tasked with the creation of a new social media site, I would name the site It will be a chatting site where different chartrooms with unique topics are present. The user will be able to enter every one of the chat rooms and socialize. There will also be an option for a private chat where two people can engage privately. To make this different from the rest, I will use a unique logo and slogan. The logo will feature a colorful room with individuals drawn using bright colors (Smith & Ingram, 2012).

The slogan will be Connect, Chat, Meet." This slogan is a reflection of the benefit which the site intends to offer (Smith & Ingram, 2012). It intends to bring people from different parts together, based on the topics of the chat rooms. The chat rooms will be about relationships, politics, cooking, childcare and so on. Therefore, people with similar interests can decide to meet in person and even start an actual group especially when they come from a similar region. The logo and slogan are differentiating factors since another organization cannot copy them.

This site will be different regarding appearance, as most social sites like Facebook and Twitter are just open and allow a person to add friends before seeing their activities in news feed. Although individuals can form groups in these sites, it will not be same as that of Here, once logged in, the user will decide on a topic he or she wants to engage in before entering the specific chat room. Also, this site will be marketed through various platforms by ensuring that the bright logo and slogan are visible to as many people as is possible (Smith & Ingram, 2012).



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