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Cancer is a genetic disease which has uncontrolled growth of cells, and those cells can spread to various parts of the body from their original site. Cancer can attack any person irrespective of their age skin cancer, but it mostly attacks the old people, middle-aged and the adults. There various types of cancer which include breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer and skin cancer.

The used advertisement is appropriate for all the cancer patients since the picture used gives the patients hope irrespective of their situations. The picture can be used to encourage the cancer patients that they can still smile back and should continue having hope that they can conquer that deadly disease and emerge as a warrior. The advertisement is also appropriate considering the type of information that has been included in it. Cancer survivors should be celebrated and honored. It is because the journey of fighting the cancerous cells is not easy and also the patient usually undergo severe pain and hence these survivors they should be considered as being heroes who require being respected as well. By the survivors sharing their journey with other it will help restore the hope of those patients who feel like they cannot make it to the end .They will be able to encourage those patients who are still fighting cancer not to give up and to continue believing that they can also get healed. The advertisement is appropriate as it will encourage the cancer survivors to attend to learn the various therapies that they can undertake which will be of great benefit to them.

To gain a wider appeal, I would change the information that has been used in the advertisement to be more emotional rather than including a lot of facts in it. I would also ensure that the picture used is a cancer survivor who is famous to most people and this will encourage people to attend the event since they would want to hear about her journey with cancer and how he/she was able to survive cancer. I would also change the venue of the meeting to a place that is convenient for everyone rather than in a hospital since at times a hospital makes a patient feel sicker when they are not. When a cancer patient sees other sick patients while in the hospital he/she may get stressed up with his /her condition as well. In the advertisement, I would also include the names of the speakers who have been invited to talk to the cancer survivors.

The perception I have of the word cancer survivors is that people will tend to endorse more positive characters that are exhibited by the cancer survivors as compared to a cancer patient. Cancer survivors are shown a more positive attitude and compassion by other individuals. Cancer survivors are considered to have a better experience and undergone through positive life-changing moments. The term cancer survivor is also used because only a few people make it through the journey of fighting cancer from their bodies after undergoing various stages and medication.

In conclusion, people should show compassion to the cancer survivors and patients and continue giving them hope. They should not be discriminated from the society since it may cause more harm to them leading to the deterioration of their condition.

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