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The study in the article reveals that complications and diseases that are related to smocking kill approximately 480,000 Americans on an annual basis. Consequently, several campaigns have been launched to raise the awareness regarding the health consequences of tobacco smoking. Apparently, studies also emerged that most of these tobacco users are very much aware of the dangers of tobacco smoking but still engage in the act.

The study used a pre and post campaign design, where the assessment made of the responses obtained in the 2013 tips campaign were used. The sample used for this study was subjected to analysis from two waves of the study aimed at understanding tobacco policy and effects on tobaccos smokers. The samples of these data were subjected to various measurements to the conduct a comprehensive analysis of the study.

The analysis used for the survey was based on Stata version and were weighed to reflect age, sex and education profile. The results of these study revealed that socio-demographic characteristics were same among those who did not recall to have tips advertisement at wave two. However, tips awareness recall leaned towards a greater likely hood of intending to quit and have in the recent pasty attempted quitting. The study recalls further showed that 71% of the participants at wave 2 reported that they had at least one Tips advertisement.

The knowledge of Tips targeted lesser-known risks significantly increased from baseline and followed up. The survey indicated that there was no recall of an advert that addressed the relationship of tobacco smoking with a heart attack. The results obtained from the study consequently led to the creation of awareness of cessation resources was significantly raised from baseline to follow-up, recall of any tip advertisement significantly relate with a greater likelihood of noticing the quitting line and end websites.

The findings show that the 2013 Tips study reached seven out of ten smokers, which was slightly lower than the 2012 Tips study. Further, the study revealed that the exposure to tips campaign characterized with an increased knowledge of the risk factors related to tobacco smoking


According to the studies, it is evident that there are individuals in the United States who are very much aware of the consequences of tobacco smoking on their health. Further results of these studies further indicate that the Tips study conducted in the year 2013 revealed that despite the knowledge of the dangers of tobacco smoking, there are still individual who go ahead to indulge in tobacco smoking.

The studies revealed stories of how real-life stories of how smoking has affected the lives of smokers and in fact gone ahead to give examples of such effects, including heart attacks, vascular diseases and even some types of cancers. The author of the article, in the interest, does not offer any point of points of concern with regards to his studies.

The author in his studies based on the Tips studies conducted in the year 2013. He focuses his discussion on the effects of the use of tobacco and the knowledge that the tobacco users have in regards to the dangers of tobacco uses. The article, however, does not make a follow-up on the compliance that the individuals used as the target population utilized for the study.



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