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What are the social interactions, groups, and institutions that are playing a role in the activities/issues described in the article? Fully explain your ideas and use multiple details from the article to back up your statements

The article How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to fat offers a comprehensive discussion of some of the unethical practices in the sugar industry. Specifically, the article unmasks the various ways in which the stakeholders within the sugar industries shifted the blames of health problems associated with sugar to fats. Different social interaction groups and institutions played a major role in exacerbating the issue at this moment discussed. They included the learning institutions that were represented by their scholars and professors. Secondly, other social interaction groups such as sugar Association, the press or media, and the journals have also been explained in one way or the other to involve themselves in this issue.

As described in the article, the sugar industry paid scientists in the 1960s to play down the link that exists between sugar and heart diseases. This would later be done through promotion of the saturated sugar as the culprit of the heart-related problems. They were also meant to derail the discussion about sugar for decades. Social interaction among the industry stakeholders and scientists is revealed at this point. In the recent past, the media offered the revelation that Coca-Cola, the worlds largest producer of the sugary beverages had provided millions of dollars in funding to researchers with the aim of seeking to play down the relationship between sugary links and obesity. These revelations are important based on the fact that the debate about the relative harms of sugar and saturated fats continues today.

What does this article indicate to you about our society? What questions does it raise to you about our society? How does it make you think about peoples behaviors in new ways? Fully explain your ideas and use details from the article

This article explicitly offers an illustration that our society is endowed with numerous unethical issues, which are exacerbated by institutions which even work to promote the wellbeing of the community. This article raises some important concerns and questions that revolve around why social institutions such as research centers provide false information regarding the certain subject, yet they are established to provide crucial information to mitigate related problems. For instance, the researchers, in this case, provide false information about the link between sugar and health-related problems yet; they are meant to research and provide information that would help to identify and prevent heart problems. In fact, the issues raised in this article show that human people can be easily lured through bribe to work against and out of the objectives they are meant to fulfill. In this case, the sugar industry paid the researchers to generate compelling evidence that that the sugar industry had initiated research expressly to exonerate sugar as a major risk factor for heart diseases.

What else have you found out about the activities/issues addressed in the article? Fully explain

Other than the unethical issue of masking sugar industry as the non-contributor of heart problems and other related health issues, this article has also offered a greater insight. On a wider note, the article reveals that the diet we consume affects the status of our health. Both the food with sugar components and the saturated fats and cholesterol have been proven to contribute to heart-related problems in human beings.


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