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Dear Facebook Management,

I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction with your company's policy of removing videos from users accounts. I have a Facebook page titled Esabod Herbs and Roots Clubs in which I advertise my holistic medicine business. I have 82,000 followers on my account and I regularly pay for advertisements. I recently found out that my live videos were getting reported by some users who do not believe in holistic medicine. This has prompted your company to remove the videos and even banned me from posting live clips for a certain period of time. I feel that this is unfair since videos should not be removed based on reports only. Their content has to undergo review.

I have carried out some research on the type of content that your company prohibits and have realized that my live videos do not fall into any of those categories. Facebook has a comprehensive list of the so-called prohibited list. It contains all then questionable and illegal content that marketers cannot get pass to potential customers through traditional advertising channels on television, radio, or print media. There may be specified limitations in certain countries based on their local laws. For example, any forms of adult products are not allowed on your site apart from contraceptives and family planning products. Also, adult dating websites that mainly focus on sex cannot be promoted on Facebook. While it is possible to promote other dating sites, they still have to get proper authorization.

Promotion of lotteries and gambling is allowed in countries where it is legal with the right targeting. However, drugs, pharmaceutical products, weapons and tobacco cannot be advertised on Facebook apart from herbal and dietary supplements together with certified pharmacies. I have also learnt that your company will always reject or ban certain types of content, such as those containing profanity or violence. Irrespective of how much I offer to pay for the ads, they are an almost guaranteed way of wasting my time and having them thrown out.

What I have mentioned above are guidelines on the content that can or cannot be advertised on your website. I have also learnt that certain rules outline how marketers can go about advertising their products. One thing that I have to bear in mind is that your company cares deeply about its users experiences. Advertisements need to fit appropriately into the newsfeed of every user. Also, they should try to draw the attention of potential customers in a positive manner. Something else that is likely to turn away users is the thought that their personal information has been compromised. However, this is not something that should worry them as your company's Ad targeting is always done anonymously. While a marketer can target potential customers based on parameters such as age and ethnicity, he or she will not get access to their private information. Considering that most users are not aware of the exact manner in which Facebook advertising works, they to tend to have concerns about their privacy.

In the live videos that I post on my Facebook page, I do not violate any of the above rules and guidelines. I only explain to my followers how they can access my services and the products that I have for sale. Also, the holistic medicines I have for sale cannot be classified as pharmaceutical products or drugs. I thus urge you to reconsider the ban on my live videos.

Yours Faithfully,

Concerned Facebook User


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