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Critical thinking
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The first thing that a person notices is the diagonal curvy edges of the hair, face, and the shoulder. The lines give a sensual and an elegant feeling to the board that is very attractive and calming as one stare at it. The designer perfectly provokes the audiences mind to picture a real woman with such a wavy hair.


The designer has capitalized on the organic ovals to create a natural look of the hair in the viewers mind. The length of the hair is delicately curved, as well as, the edges along the right shoulder to give the character on the billboard a natural feel. A real woman with a natural wavy hair.

Visual mass

The first place the eyes go when one looks at the board is the hair. Either at the dawn, dusk or at the night, the designer has succeeded pulling our eyes to the hair through a creative blend of lighting and the board canvas.

The space

This is not an ordinary billboard. The designer has creatively designed to have a dynamic illusion with the time of the day. At dawn, positive space is illuminated by sunrise rays, which have interacted with a background landscape giving 3D visualizations. At dusk, the element of 3 dimensions is emphasized the lower edge of the womans hair due to the landscape interaction with the illuminating twilight rays. At night, the overhead illumination on the board makes it purely 2D with the extensive negative space stressing the hair region.

Light, time & Motion

One of the amazing things about billboard is the ability to utilize the dawn and the dusk sunlight to make the ad even more exceptional. The designer has modified their canvas to maximize both natural and artificial lights in changing the illusion actively. This dynamic lighting has also played a big role in making the characters hair to look like it is changing because of the varying shadows. It makes one feel like they are looking at a woman who keeps swaying their hair.


Again the designers creativity a simple billboard with 2 primary colors can autonomously incorporate the naturally available colors to change its illusion. At dawn and at dusk, the white color is transformed to black while the hair region, which is the main area of focus, is left to allow the background landscape and water reflection colors through.


Regarding the canvas, the designer has capitalized on the texture to attract our eyes into the hair region. They have left the hair region open, that when it interacts with the lighting, the outcome is phenomenal.

Emphasis /Focal Point

The focal point of this piece is the top-left region of characters head. The lighting at this region is like a magnet and even without reading the ad details one likely presumes that is to do something with a hair. The dark color of the negative space has made it even easier for the view to get the contrast of the region for quick mental decoding of the ad.

The ad simply wows even the non-target audience. The designer aims at getting every viewers head and scouring a conversation about the billboard. Honestly, I am 100% sold and I will even stop at a roadside to take the photo of this ad even if I had no idea what KOLESTON NATURALS were.


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