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How the space of the store floor is assigned to department and merchandise.

Merchandise presentation techniques.

A well designed hypermarket store ensures that the entrance provides expectations and gives promises, the front is enticing and it has a single message. It also clutters at the beginning which could create confusion or disorientation. A well designed store also has checkout and the store signage, display and lighting(Lewis & Dart, 2014).

The objectives of a hypermarket store design include implementation of the retailers strategies, influencing customers behavior of buying, providing flexibility, controlling the design and costs of maintenance and meeting the legal requirements.

Hypermarket store design and retail strategy

The primary objective of the design and strategy is implementation of the retailers strategies. The design should be consistent and it should ensures that the retailers strategy is enforced through meeting the target markets needs and building competitive advantage. For instance setting a sensitive price, floor design as well as racks, concrete and metal in order to reinforce the image of the brand(Dion,2008). The store floors and shelves also greatly impacts on the image of the retailers like glass being for elegance.

Influencing the customers buying behavior

The design of the store should be created in such a way that it attracts its customers enabling the customers to access and locate the merchandise, keeping the customers in the store for long, motivating the customers into making unplanned, impulse purchasing and providing the customers with a customer experience that is satisfying(Lunn, 2009). The behavior of buying greatly influences the design of the store with the rise in nuclear families limited time.


According to the business operating in an ever changing environment what is possible today might not applied come tomorrow hence the need to change the products mix as well as the need for changing layout. The stores should therefore be designed with maximum flexibility. Flexibility involves the physical movement abilities and the components of the store as well as the extent of easily modifying the components(Lunn, 2009).


The costs includes the store design implementation costs as well the cost of maintaining the appearance of the store. The costly free design form for instance encourages the customers to be able to explore and increase the sales. With regard to lighting the store can install expensive jewelry and other merchandise to improve the store design. Good lighting system increases the merchandise appearance which increases the sales(Lunn, 2009). The design of a retail store affects the costs of labor given that to ensure comfortable shopping it requires a specialized person to help in providing the service.


Any operations manager should first of all determine the retail stores basic layout. For instance using signage as a guidance to customers while in the hypermarket and be able to help the customers in finding and locating important information about the merchandise. Various approaches should be used to feature important products. Layouts refers to the methods which encourages exploration of customers hence a layout should be able to facilitate the specific patterns of traffic(Ramsey & Ramsey, 2010). There layouts types are; grid, the free form and racetrack.

Grid layout



Electricals &



Clothe section





This type of layout has aisles which are parallel to one another with goods and products on each side of the shelves of the aisles whereby the registers of cash are located at the exit, entrance section. This type of layout consist well suited shopping trips that customers are needed to move in the store for easy location of products like grocery. It is also cost efficient , does not waste space given that all aisles have same width. With the shelves more goods can be found on the same floor and standardized fixtures are relatively cheaper. However , grid layout might not be an exciting design visually given that customers are not exposed to the entire products(Ramsey & Ramsey, 2010).




Beauty & Health Electronics Toys

Racetrack/loop layout








This layout consists of aisle that coils around the hypermarket guiding the customers traffic in the store departments. In order to effectively guide the customers in the store, the aisles have to be defined with the changing surface or color. The registers of cash in the store are located in every store department which borders the racetrack(Schfoeder, 2007). Racetrack layout facilitates the customers with goals to get to see the products available in each department and increases impulse buying. The customers are also forced to have different angles of viewing however.

Free form layout








This layout arranges all the fixtures and aisles in an asymmetric pattern, it is mostly applicable to small stores that are specialized as well as within the large stores department like hypermarket. Free form layout provides an environment that is both intimate and relaxing which facilitates both shopping and browsing. However, this layout has no traffic patterns that are well and clearly defined hence customers are not naturally drawn to the store. It sacrifices some retail storage as well as the space for display while creating a more spacious environment.

Graphics and Signage

Signage and graphic helps customers to locate given products and store department, they provide special information as well as suggesting special purchases or items. Graphics add both personality and beauty to the image of the hypermarket store. Signs also helps in locating the store as well as identifying the products location. Large hypermarket stores use directional signage to act at guidance for its customers around the store. Categorical signage is used within specific department of a store which are always a bit smaller compared to directional signs. The purpose of categorical signage is to identify the various types of products that a hypermarkets offer and normally they are located nears the referred products. Promotional signage on the other hand refers to signage which displays the special offers like displaying the graphics on the windows to attract the customers.(Green, 2012).

Point of sale signage and graphics are in most cases situated near the on sale products for the customers to see the price of the products as well as the products information. It helps customers to quickly identify the stores special offers. Lifestyle images on the other hand refers to using several images like photos of a given places and people which encourages customers to buy the products(Green, 2012). Effective signage acts as bridges between the products and the target market and also by informing customers it makes the products more desirable. The signage relate to the items displayed and limited texts should be on the signs and only typefaces that appropriate should be used on the sigs. Digital signage are displayed in form of videos clips to show the products price. They enhances the stores atmosphere and environment and they can easily be customized to match the strategies and they ensure timely merchandise while decreasing the cost of promotion.

Feature areas of a hypermarket stores refers to the areas in a store that are designed to get the attention of customers, they include end caps, windows, promotional aisle, displays that are freestanding extra. Retailers considers some given factors when making a decision of how much shelf space products and brands should be allocated, they include inventory turnover, considerations of display, productivity of the space and the impact the product has on the sales of hypermarket store(Stanford, 2013).


Refers to a diagram which shows how and where given stock keeping units(SKU) should be placed on the shelves of a retail store which will increase the purchase of customers. Locations can be inform of output of computers and pictures. Such diagrams must balance the art and science aspects where art includes visual presentation and science include the financial analysis. Technological software is used in preparing Planograms where one analyses the gross margins, turnover, SKU size, historical sales extra(Underhill, 2008). They are normally designed, put through tests and then changed in an environment of a virtual shop and for products which do not fit the shelves.


In conclusion, a store layout is very important especially to hypermarket. In order to be able to attract larger numbers of customers, operations manager of any hypermarket should ensure the layout type used in arranging the products and merchandise is the most effective. Customers tend to be attracted to those stores that not only offers a large variety of products but also is well organized in terms of layouts and has the best offers. Therefore, ensuring that the layout employed is effective and well organized can increase customers turnout.


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