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For a business to grow and do well within a society it has the responsibility of marketing its product to the people. In the Arab, many people seem to have gained weight and most companies have taken it as an opportunity to come up with pills that control weight. These companies have given television channels opportunity to advertise the pills without governmental permission within the country. It is, therefore, true that channels marketing the weight control pills are liable for health-damaging of customers since they do not take the responsibility managing the product and authorizing its advertisement before presenting it to the public. Though therere reports of channels advertising without the government permission, the satellite organization ensures that the advertisement of the pill products is managed and presented in a way that it would not affect the popularity of the channel within the societies in the country.


People have different love for different pets such as dogs, cats, and other pets. In China, the percentage rate of owning a pet is increasing day after day thus raising demand for pet food. Thus, due to the increase of pet ownership in China, it is therefore estimated that the potential market for dog food in China might be 80% in a year. Over the years, Chinese pet food companies have been doing well but due to the doubts arising about the pet food (Ember 2007), most Chinese are going for the overseas companys pet food. Some of the oversea pet food companies that have taken the chance to produce pet food are; The Shanghai Company and the U.S FDA Company which are ranked among the best pet food companies. China market for pet food is still small compared to the Mexican market in that the Mexican market has been in the business for more years not only for Mexican pet owners but worldwide pet owners compared to China market which only grew due to the rise of pet ownership in China.


The Meredith Corporation is a company that has done well over the years in the United States of America due to its efforts in enhancing and strengthening its marketing strategies. Focusing on developing more databases amongst all media companies has been the Meredith way of improving its markets within the country. Most companies have their target marketing strategies that enforce their efforts thus the target strategy that describes the efforts of Meredith is the strategy of targeting the half population of the country especially that of the women by producing journals that affect the womens life. Through this strategy, Meredith has been able to influence over 35 million people including men since the information that Meredith publishes in different magazines relates to peoples personal development hence enabling Meredith to build a good relationship with the right customers as they read what Meredith expresses through words.


Malaysia is one of the countries in the Arab world that is engaged in internet marketing as its market demographics are highly growing in Arab internet world following internet marketing standards as indicated by Ryan (2004). The highest population with different age groups supports the internet marketing of Malaysia due to internet access by the young youths. Malaysia segments its market by providing diverse business opportunities to various consumers markets. Thus, the income of Malaysia increases promoting the GDP of the country amongst other countries in Asia. Lifestyle products fall under the example of products that are marketed on the internet which tends to satisfy the needs of consumers by adding value to them as mid-upper class order more lifestyle products from the Malaysia internet market. I would, therefore, offer my customers a position to log in my product services to be able to select the product of their choice. Lastly, the Maren launch has affected the Microsoft business since most people are shifting from usage of Microsoft to Maren as it provides a platform for searching products in their Arabic language.References

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