Admission Essay Example: If You Could Be Any Fruit, What Would You Be and Why?

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I would be a lemon fruit. This is because lemon can be taken metaphorically and is attached to me as an individual. The vast features of lemon fruit are quite evident in me. Just to start with, lemon fruits has a wide variety; they are not available in one form but available in many different forms and can be consumed in different forms without changing its feature. About myself as an individual, it shows how I can handle many different and incidental situations that may come along my way without the situations have a greater negative impact on me since I will be giving them different approaches according to their nature and circumstances

Additionally lemon fruit color makes it more pleasant and the eye is attracting that can make an individual not to resist easily. As part of my physical appearance I look more approachable, and this makes my colleagues approach me without any fear whenever they want to seek advice from me or whenever they are faced with challenging situations in their endeavors and moreover am always at their disposal whenever they need any assistance from me.

Conceivably, some of the fruits unlike lemon are available only on a seasonal basis. However, lemon is available almost in all the seasons and can respond to nutritional needs of the individual when needed. Ideally, this shows my ever-present characteristic whenever my assistance or my presence is needed anywhere to perform my duties as required maybe by my colleagues or by my senior individuals in the environment that we are.

Lemon always strives in a hot and sunny climate but still manages to produce and bear juice fruits with a sweet taste, in contrast, other fruits cannot do well in such environment in that they require a lot of water and cool environment. Notwithstanding the situation or condition that I may be exposed to; in particular very harsh environmental condition I always work my ways out and manages to strive and produce my best. I am capable of working and performing to my uttermost during high-pressure environment that may require a meeting of strict deadlines and also require perseverance.

Lemon is cultivated or does well in a well-cultivated soil, and this one of the reasons behind its good performance, in that the soil gives it a good foundation of bearing healthy and juicy fruits. Me having good traits, this is a clear indication that my background where I was brought up have a good background, and I am a representative of my family background in respect to my outstanding personal traits. I was brought up a very humble family that is God fearing. We had to work hard to meet our daily wants, and this has also expanded my knowledge of understanding my follow friend because I have encountered some of their situations and I always try to put myself in their shoes.

Lastly, lemon fruit has got seed in it which when replanted in favorable conditions can bore many fruits just like the parent tree from where it originated. This emulates my qualities and my outstanding personal traits; I can educate others, on the importance of practicing good behaviors, especially my juniors so that they may be seen as a role model in the coming future, others too may emulate my behavior and follow my footpath. In summary am full of more good than bad, and I can bring to the environment that I might be in more and more benefits.



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