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Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin are two famous scholars who have outstanding similarities in their contribution to the Modern World. Some of the key features that they share such as date of birth are astonishing bearing mind that their contribution to the socio-economic growth is huge. The two scholars were born on 12th April 1809, a coincidence that historian has described as intriguing (Ruse 12). It seems that the shared date of birth gave rise to numerous similarities of achievements that they had in their later lives. Their contributions to the changes in the world are not direct since they only helped to midwife the changes. They are viewed as symbols of the two pillars of the society we live in. There are similarities and differences between the two scholars in relation to their contribution to the Modern World.

The most fundamental similarity between Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin is their mastery of new kind of liberal language. They both mastered their arts. Lincoln was so much into emancipation and later on became the president of the USA because of his terrific speeches. Darwin was also a renowned writer whose exemplary work on The Origin of Species made him be known worldwide. His work is the only book that probably an amateur in science can have time to read through. Both his work and the speeches of Lincoln were well written and they seem to many to be obvious and natural.

The two scholars remodeled our language and their ideologies are still widely used in the current politics and popular science alike. Most of Lincoln's ideas form the basis of the current politics. He championed for democracy which many countries are thriving to uphold. Human rights were one of his key ideologies and as witnessed in the modern world, the rights of all living organism are keenly looked into (Morel 23). The evolution theory by Charles Darwin is the bane of science. Numerous studies have been carried out with the basic ideas being discovered pointing back to the discoveries of Charles Darwin. The two scholars particularized in almost everything that affects the current human being. They both built their ideas from small sightings and used logic in the construction of their ideas. Despite the fact that their technical languages varied, they both described facts that are universally accepted by many people-Darwin employing the use of a detailed language of naturalistic science and Lincoln using a tedious language of legal reasoning for the America. The language used by both scholars expresses their hope and faith that the minds and hearts of people can be altered by small facts. For instance, Darwin uses detailed technical arguments that appear to be insane about the stamen of an orchid to pay off, the nature of survival and change of planetary timescale (Ruse). Lincoln also employs lawyerly arguments to make the case for war against slavery. These ideologies still exist in the modern world since they were solidly futuristic.

Their personal lives have also contributed immensely to the modern world. Their love of family, their invention of new kind of plain speaking, their shrewdness and sensitivity stands out and are looked up to by so many people. Some of the important questions that they asked were also questioned by other researchers and these questions are still being asked by numerous researchers of our time.

Despite vast similarities that exist in the contributions of Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln to the modern world, there are also some differences in terms of the contribution that they made to the modern world. Abraham Lincoln's work was majorly focused on equality, fight against racism and human rights. He majorly dealt with the social issues that affected human beings. Conversely, Charles Darwin's work was more empirical and provided evidence of the origin of human beings. He made human beings to scientifically understand their origins. The ideologies of the two scholars were also embraced differently. Lincolns ideas were widely accepted by most people while Darwin's theory received major criticisms from other scientists and religious leaders.

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