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Personal statement
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I have always been captivated by the continuously dynamic world. I am looking forward to securing a position at the Queen Mary University of London for an MSc Accounting and Management course. The position will enable me to make use of my skills of analysis and knowledge as well as enable me to apply the skills in the fast changing world. I am recent graduate of politics and international relations with a second class degree and my marks for the entire course standing at 56.4 from the University of Y. As an enthusiastic and incredibly inspired graduate, I would like to encounter and face the problems that such a popular course would provide me. I believe that I have all the requirements as needed by the University because I have excellent quantitative skills and have surpassed the minimum requirement by the Queen Mary University of London which is 57%. Also, pursuing politics and international relations at A Level strengthened my esteem for accounting and management I do understand that the specialties are correlated with each other especially when involved with the well-being of the community.

My ultimate career objective is to take the responsibility of examining and executing all the data and efficiently contribute to the success of any company I would work. It is understood that international studies analyze the connection between countries and their policies while on the other hand politics concerns itself with power and distribution of resources. Therefore MSc Accounting and Management will be a complement course of what I have previously learned. I am passionate about learning new accounting and management approaches and analyses that will provide me with the proper foundations and widen my knowledge. I am also an exceptionally an impartial person who is self-motivated and committed to my studies. Hence, I will be able to shift from politics and international studies to Accounting and Management.

Since at a very tender age, my teachers have positioned me at a higher age group than mine and therefore have been able to perform well in academic levels that are greater than my age as well. Moreover, the subjects the subjects that I selected during my degree course included management have prepared me well enough to undertake the degree program in your University. For instance, the subjects have offered me a comprehensive knowledge of management of institutions throughout different local and global settings. Accounting and Management has a considerable appeal for me as it draws and involves the capacity to blend such complementary concepts that ascertain me that once I complete the degree, I will be prepared to face problems in a way.

I have decided to undertake Accounting and Management because the two fields persist to be the principal constituents of dynamics of commerce, which describe how a company and her shareholders interrelate. I specifically anticipate to learning about disciplines in management which include work and technology, entrepreneurship complemented with advanced financial accounting and taxation will provide me with an extensive understanding of the global business.

I intensely trust that I am prepared for higher education because I have undoubtedly become my own previous degree studies have been a pricey preparation for individual research and study. Such inspiration has enhanced me to develop an attitude of choosing as opposed to having to about work and has hence significantly impacted my performance throughout. I could not be sufficiently disposed for the world of accounting and management than joining the University which is an admired core of excellence. It would be remarkable experiences to diligently share thoughts with students and with hope significantly impact student communities

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