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Erie Consultancy is a new firm that will offer excellent consulting services for organizational leadership in matters involving treatment or workers, nurturing talent and leading firms to greater heights. Erie Consultancy is scheduled to begin on January 10, 2019. The firm will be a partnership operated by (Insert your name and a friends).

The table below compares three mission statement samples based on their effectiveness, strengths, weaknesses and ineffectiveness.

Sample1 / Sample 2 / Sample 3


The mission statement has a purpose as it states what the HR is all about. The report indicates that the HR department aims at valuing each employee while contributing positively to its bottom line. / The statement is of substance and values both workers and customers because when employees feel valued, they give their all at work. It communicates the value that the company provides to its workforce. It strives to offer quality customer service and not only to customers but also values its employees. It is clear about its stand on the workers. / The mission is discernable and of linear direction. It does not cover too many bases making it clear on the kind of employees it needs as well as how the employees are treated.


It reflects the long term vision of the HR department and what it stands for which is continuously developing its skills for its workforce. / It concisely summarizes the HR unique position concerning the work force. For instance, delivering services in a friendly manner and caring for its workers as well as their concern. The statement is effective in conveying the value of the employees. / It retains valuable employees, train and develops them as well as inspires them.


The statement is weak in addressing employees growth and development. / N/A / Does not indicate whether it complies with employment laws.


It is ineffective in addressing how employees are recruited. / Ineffective in addressing concerns for customers. / Ineffective in addressing the process concerns for customers.

Erie Consultancy Human Resources Mission statement

Our quest is to ensure that we have a diverse workforce which is safe and nondiscriminatory. We strive to maintain compliance with all employment laws and government regulations. We aim at offering training and development in areas of effective leadership as well as career advancement of workers, offer jobs, and litigation avoidance. We strive to hire the most qualified workforce by ensuring we have an efficient interview process. We believe that with a happy workforce, we will be able to offer excellent consultancy services to our clients and at the same time have a happy workforce which is result oriented.

The HR function exists to develop a companys strategy as well as handle employee-centered activities such as training, recruitment, and development (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). What I want for my customers is to experience the best customer service. My clients are leaders in firms from different industries. My company will help them have advanced personal techniques. They will be helped with aspects of peoples strategies, how to pay workers right and how to develop the best future talent. I want to convey an internal image which values the employee's well-being and an external image of a firm that embraces diversity and puts the customers first. In creating the desired picture, my company will collaborate with the community and other businesses in giving back to the society and offering quality services to customers.

The kind of service that I will offer to workers is to provide them with tuition reimbursement which will enable them to advance their careers and also nature their talent and develop their leadership skills. The company will treat clients as partners and not just customers. Snell et al. (2015) indicate that firms that place customers needs first end up being successful. We will partner with leaders and enterprises to enable stellar performance and help transform people, companies and the society. The kind of relationship that will be maintained with customers is mentoring. Mentoring is a win-win relationship and an incredible way of communicating the competency of the company. The shared ideas from mentorship will enable the company to retain the client and at the same time offer services that are useful to the enterprise.

I believe in maintaining healthy relationships, humanity, the rule of law, being a good steward and honesty. These philosophies guided my responses. My HR functions mission stipulates that it will place the workforce in high regards to fulfill its objective to clients.



Armstrong, M., & Taylor, S. (2014). Armstrong's handbook of human resource management practice. Kogan Page Publishers.

Snell, S. A., Morris, S. S., & Bohlander, G. W. (2015). Managing human resources. Nelson Education.


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