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Yin Sun-Sin was a Korean naval commander born in 1545, and though he died in 1598, he is still recognized for his triumphs against the Japanese navy in the course of the Imjin War that occurred in the Joseon Dynasty. Also, he is remembered and celebrated by Koreans and Japanese admirals for his exemplary behavior on and off the battlefield. This paper provides an analysis of Korean Admiral Yi Sun-Sin and the Imjin War. His successful management strategies are also discussed.

Military historians consider Yi Sun-Sin one of the greatest naval commanders. It is mainly attributed to his undefeated record despite the fact that he lacked prior skills in naval training. Moreover, he fought in wars where it appeared difficult to beat the opponent. One of his most memorable military successes took place during the Battle of Myeongnyang. He was outnumbered regarding warships. Also, he was compelled into a last stand with his limited number of ships standing between Seoul on the one hand and the Japanese army on the other. However, he was still able to destroy some of the Japanese warships while making sure that his ships were intact. It must be emphasized that despite neither receiving naval training nor taking part in naval combat before the war and often being outnumbered, Yi died as one of the admirals in the who history of the world who never tasted defeat after leading the numerous naval battles in the way he did. He lost his life during the Battle of Noryang in 1598. He has been severely injured by a single bullet. It happened even as the Japanese army was close to being entirely removed from the Korean Peninsula. Before dying, he reminded his subjects that the battle was in its climax and that they should not announce his death. It explains why he received various accolades and awards.

People use different strategies and tactics to become successful in life. Yi's case was not different. Twenty-three management strategies made Yi victorious in his endeavors. They included: the fact that he was not only motivated by a higher purpose but a worthy one for that matter; he always stood up for what was right; understood his strengths and weaknesses which helped boost his abilities. He exercised patience noting that victory can only be attained through better preparation; anticipated the future but never forgot about the present; he followed his gut by ensuring that he was always true to himself; developed moral courage and implemented it at all times. Other management strategies that made Yi stand out from the rest included: working tooth and nail to boost his team and that of his colleagues and country; created a loyal group by observing the principles of loyalty, true friendship and confidence. He worked with talented, trustworthy and knowledgeable advisors and associates; sought out the unique abilities of his followers and gave them an opportunity to shine; took the time to understand the enemy; borrowed from the knowledge of those who read his enemies. Yi also sought intelligence and developed a system that would help him understand the intentions and abilities of his opponents. Most important is that he was never deterred by forces beyond his control and still found a way to winning. Furthermore, Yi used psychological devices and insights into human nature. Other management strategies that contributed to the success of Yi included: the fact that he made plans for the worst though never forgot to make plans and anticipate good outcomes without necessarily taking undue risks. Yi never allowed others to compel her into making unwise decisions and practices; acknowledged and appreciated his superiors and benefactors but never allowed them to prevent him from doing good. He was always ready to assume drastic actions; acted when it was considered necessary; only settled on the battles that he believed he had higher chances of winning; and won each war. To develop these strategies, Yi was indeed an excellent naval strategist. Even as his brilliance regarding strategy was evidenced in the course of the war, his popularity increased by leaps and bounds.

In summary, the popularity and achievements of Yi Sun-Sin cannot be disputed. He committed his life to the service of the people and through his excellent management strategies, he was able to achieve the greatest heights of success. He is still remembered as a famous Korean naval commander, known for his triumphs against the Japanese navy in the course of the Imjin war. Of great significance is that he is recognized from different quarters for this unusual behavior in battle and off. As has been established, there are various reasons why he was so successful. For instance, he made better preparations for the war ensuring that the plight of his soldiers was addressed. On the other hand, he was a charismatic leader who ensured that he maintained the morale of his soldiers.

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