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Gender and cross-cultural diversity present different orientations in leadership that affect leadership characteristics. A significant way that gender affects leadership component is determined by the degree of creative and reactive leadership. Reactive and creative scores indicate that women have a higher percentile score than men. Also, the relational, emotional and social intelligence of females affects leadership characteristics. Culture affects leadership characteristics through low correlations between reactive dimensions and leadership effectiveness and is common in developing countries. Different cultures create different profiles in optimal leadership, and they influence effective leadership.

Question 2-Chapter 7

The main characteristics of effective leadership that relate to task are creativity, commitment, and self-drive. Creativity enables a leader to sustain a business or a company during difficult times. A committed leader successfully runs a firm when faced with the task of stabilizing. Self-driven leaders can persevere challenges when solving problems. Characteristics of effective leadership relating to the relationship are openness, support, and trust. Transparency creates opportunities share any challenges with every team member. Support and confidence bring cohesiveness that is necessary to achieve effective leadership.

Question 3-Chapter 6

Ineffective leadership performance is characterized by a reactive form of leadership. Reactive leaders are autocratic, arrogant, passive, non-ambitious and lack self-critic. Evaluation of high performing and low performing businesses indicate that responsive leadership dominates the low performing businesses. On the other hand, creative leadership governs top performing companies. Ineffective leadership performance is also characterized by a weak leadership quotient (LQ) about the reactive score. The difference in LQ is a significant factor that results in inefficient leadership performance.

Question 4- Chapter 6

In my opinion, servant leaders manage relationships by creative leadership. Their primary goal is to provide optimal guidance. Creative leadership is a strong foundation that enables servant leaders to offer optimal guidance. In optimal leadership, an organization thrives and sustains itself even under intense challenges. The characteristics of creative leadership allow a servant leader to balance and blend between a servant and a leader. Through creative leadership, a servant leader values the diverse opinions of every member and prioritizes inclusivity during decision making. It is also through creative leadership that a servant leader promotes trust and collaboration in an organization.

Question 5- Chapter 6

Effective leadership performance is dominated by cultures of creative leadership. The significant characteristics of these cultures are authenticity, self-awareness, relating and system awareness. Authenticity is centralized and is the most useful in the establishment of integrity in collective and individual effective leadership. Systems awareness creates sustainable productivity and promotes community concerns. Self- awareness enhances composure, balance and establishes a selfless leader. It also encourages self-evaluation and self-criticism. On the other, relating encourages collaboration, interpersonal intelligence, and confident team play.

Question 6- Chapter 7

In my view, leadership is not a role or a title but a personal quality. A leader must understand the goals of his/her organization and engage everyone in achieving this goal. Leadership must be centralized and must focus on collective leadership development and effectiveness as opposed to individual development. A leader must possess communication skills to engage others authentically and to create an organizational meaning. Leadership must also prioritize accountability which clarifies the expectations of people and ensures sustainability of an organization. Leadership must have efficient and adaptable delivery system that build capability and capacity of an organization.


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