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The Mission StatementOffering world class beverages & finest baked products to get people energized and healthy.

The Vision statements

To uphold the highest level of delicious diets to the people within America and abroad while focusing in:

Quality and creative food

Continuous finest services and price value

Hygiene, attendance together with the general professional attitude.

Core Values

Trust and Integrity

- High dependence on the genuineness, reliability, quality or character of administration and employees

- Firm adherence to the organization's standard of conduct and value

Quality and Excellence

- In offering services, products, and knowledge

- To give an ideal dining experience to our clients

Enthusiasm and Passion

- We need the staff to partake in our enthusiasm for wine, food life and service.

- We need the staff to help us in making a domain where administration and staff are enthusiastic and passion regarding how we do as about what we do as experts and genuinely appreciate working and learning in the hospitality business (Johnny Johansson & Ronkainen, 2004).Lifestyle, community, and People

-We consider our staff, our customers and community matter.

-To give a cozy living for our workers and ourselves.

-We will do everything possible to be environment conservatives and do the sustainable behavior.

-To offer support to local and international producers and suppliers

-To support local and international charities within our capacities

Learning and Experience

To give a conducive learning atmosphere whereby our services and culinary staff can develop their knowledge and skills.

To apply our experience and knowledge to give fun and happy learning opportunities to our customers.

Explain how these values will be aligned to your brand identity, ethics, and values when doing business, planning strategies, and solving problems.

The values of my business will bring it closer to the community around as well as to the international community. The values are not only aimed at selling services and food products to the clients, but also ensuring that their existence is beneficial due to their social, economic activities. The values are aligned to the service delivery, charities participation, environment conservation and supporting the local and international producers (Johnny Johansson & Ronkainen, 2004).

Two concepts for the soapy rides car wash and.

The two concepts that we discussed in class that is essential for the success of entrepreneur busyness are target market and SWOT.



Strategically located to the urban centers therefore accessible by many customers. Offering customized meals that are culturally aligned with the people around and therefore widely acceptable. Instantly acting on the clients feedback and making the necessary adjustment to retain them.


The high cost of advertisement which affects the profit margin.

Losing of the market share in most of the groups.


High demand for fast foods.

High demand on outside catering.

It is advantageous to correct the mistakes done by the competitors and retain their clients.

A wide market gap for establishment of the restaurants in some particular locations.


Unfair competition from those who sell their food products at the unreasonably low price. Government interference with taxes and strict policies.

Increase the cost of the raw materials.

Target marketing include

The potential target groups for the business are happy couples, business men, families, high-end singles, compulsive spenders, event organizers, and tourists. The reason why they are the viable targeted group is that they frequent on other restaurants as well as the bars within. They are the people who seek elegant dinner at a cozy and conductive environment at a value price. The targeted individuals are based on the demographic information of the different areas that the business operates.

Custom services

At Second Home Restaurant. Customer service is paramount; the business focuses on ensuring that the clients needs regarding dietary provided in tranquility. Proper customer services are much essential since it allows the company to retain its loyal customers and also attract other customers from the competitors. The customer care offered by Second Home Restaurant include:

Instant response to the client's food order

Offering customized and flexible menu for customers

Responding to the customers' feedback

Making necessary changes to the services and food products offered on the customers' demand.

Offering discounts to some of the meals

In every business, customers should be considered as the masters, and the should feel at home and welcomed at the business, therefore necessary measures should be taken into account to ensure that the competitors dont takes advantage of the customer services failure of Second Home Restaurant.

Advertising and Public Relations

Second Home Restaurant always ensure that each day they are getting closer to the adjacent communities and their brand name to be most preferred by many people (Johnny Johansson & Ronkainen, 2004). We ensure this in the following manner:

Offering a meeting or convergence area for the local population to hold meetings, therefore, identifying their meeting location with the brand of the business.

Offering outside catering to events, therefore by giving excellent services means that the brand name is getting affluential and famous to the people.

Participation in environment conservation activities.

Participating in Expos that are related to catering and hospitality

Compare and contrast how culture is likely to impact domestic marketing strategies versus what the company may encounter when doing business abroad such as cultural norms, economics, politics, and legal systems.

The cultural inferences possess a threat for the service delivery of the restaurants. Some cultural norms restrict people to eat some particular diets, location as well as some certain times of the day or night. The closest example is when, operating in a location that is surrounded by people of Muslim communities who are strictly upholding their cultural practices, which prevents them from eating pork and restraining them from eating at some special hours because of fasting. This cannot only apply to the Muslims but also to some Christians Protestants (Dinesh, Trivedi, & Grewal, September 2008)..

Actions that need to be taken to ensure it does best

Second Home Restaurant can handle such cultural hindrance by providing a customized and flexible food menu that will fit people who have diverse cultural practices. Also, they can switch on preparing more meals on the evening more than in the day if the community around are fasting. Also, forbidden foods such as pork will not be prepared to the restaurant near to the people who are from Muslim communities (Dinesh, Trivedi, & Grewal, September 2008)..

Actions the company can take to ensure that it evolves with the target at home and the countries it does business in

Second Home Restaurant can be at breast with the market trends and target market by studying the current business environment as well as studying their competitors (especially those who are performing well in the market).

Emerging marketing trends that may affect Second Home Restaurant

There is trendy recipe that fits the modern generation of the customers, most prefer a blend of the modern and tradition foods. The wide population are not more attracted with the traditional meals.

The modern market trends regarding the cocktail of the beverages are complex, though mostly linked. Second Home Restaurant will need to research and learn how to make such cocktails.

The digitized market trend has engulfed most of the businesses in this century, Second Home Restaurant will need to adopt the modern technology through smart phones, for the clients to make orders of meals remotely and have them delivered at their door steps (Dinesh, Trivedi, & Grewal, September 2008).


Johnny K. Johansson & Ilkka A. Ronkainen, (MarchApril 2004) The Brand Challenge, Marketing Management,

Dinesh Kumar Gauri, Minakshi Trivedi, & Dhruv Grewal, (September 2008) Understanding the Determinants of Retail Strategy: An Empirical Analysis,

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