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Most organizations as they continue to diversify they are faced with more problems and challenges. The issues are mostly related to the employees, a team or the organization at large. They tend to have an impact on the organization if the management fails to address the issues on time. The management has a great role in ensuring that the organization achieves its goals through the elimination of such issues.

One of the issues that an organization is faced with is the communication problem. When there are no clear lines of communication, it tends to result in a misunderstanding in the organization. This result to employee demotivation. As an employee working in an organization that is decentralized, I am faced with the challenge of answering and giving feedback to multiple supervisors due to the lack of a clear chain of command being communicated. The other issue that the organization is faced with is of team problems. A team is required to be determined towards achieving a common goal for the organization. It can affect the quality of work if the team members are not properly connected to one another. A team consists of different dynamics of people who are from different cultures. It may act as a barrier to their communication process. It will result in the team becoming demotivated and non-functional. Such an issue of the team being inactive is also as a result of communication breakdown from the management which confuses the team and the common goal which they are required to achieve. Team leaders and managers are required to give a constant feedback to the team so that they can be able to correct the mistakes they make on time. When dealing with the team issues the manager or the supervisor is required to take an immediate action to avoid more damage to the organization. This can ruin the reputation of the organization as well. The issue of the management to set up so high objectives that the employees should meet is a great challenge. The goals tend to be above the capability of the employee due to lack of relevant skills that required to perform a particular task. Employees should ensure that the bar they set for the employees to achieve is the right height and that they can comfortably reach it without so much strain. They are required to spend more time with the employees and help them develop their careers (Lewis, 2012).

Poorly aligned and administered human behavior theories and concepts greatly have a negative impact on the organization. It ruins the reputation of the organization. It is because it will result to not meeting the clients or the customers needs hence he becomes dissatisfied. It makes the customers believe that the organization is not the best. It also results in high employee turnover. As a result of not motivating the employees, they feel that they are not valued in the organization. It will cause them to search for other organizations that motivate their employees through rewards or even salary increase. Employees always want to feel to be part of the organization by also being involved in the decision-making process whereby the management takes their opinions into consideration. The poorly aligned and administered human behavior will result in the organization having a poor relationship with their competitors and investors which may result in their withdrawal from the organization and hence its downfall (Bayeh, 2015).

In conclusion, the employees in an organization should be valued by the management. They play a great role in ensuring that the organization achieves their set goals and objectives. The organization is required to develop a culture that appreciates their employees through giving rewards or even job promotion. It motivates the employees in their work and will result in high-quality services.


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