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I am sending this cover letter with regard to the above-mentioned position. I am an MBA candidate with five years technology consulting experience in software development and business analysis in life science and transportation analysis. I aim at becoming a management consultant and using that position to advise businesses on ways to improve performance, solve problems, identify new opportunities and optimize efficiencies.

I strongly feel that I have all the competencies that you are seeking. Besides a five year experience, I have a thorough understanding of software development life cycle policies and procedures with demonstrated experience in project management: adept at requirement gathering, estimation, coding and unit texting. I am also a subject matter expert in Java XML generation. I have in the past worked at Accentuate as a Software Engineering Senior Analyst. During this time, I was honored to be recognized and awarded two certifications, courtesy of my hard work, commitment, innovation, and knowledgeability. These certifications are: Accenture Technology Academy Developer and Life Science Industry Generalist.

As Software Engineer Senior Analyst at Accenture, I successfully handled several projects of mega capacities. One of these projects was the Alstom Re-Hosting which was a critical project for Alstom Transport, in which all the Alstom IT applications were moved from vendor servers to Alstom dedicated servers. Leading a team of three and reporting to associate manager, I analyzed and planned a re-hosting strategy for 47 applications and worked closely with team members to identify potential risks. Over this period, which lasted three years, I also managed to consistently achieve client satisfaction scores between 80% and 100% of all re-hosted applications.

I have additionally acted as a software engineer utilizing clinical aggregation layer for a US-based global pharmaceutical client. This was an award-winning project that collated the information of pharmaceutical research & development from different source systems and unifies it in a single portal. In this duration, I became a Subject Matter Expert on the Java XML generation and helped revamp the design document within two months. I also reduced the duration of file generation by 50%, leveraged multithreading, and improved the process of file generation from 20,000 files in seven hours to 3.5 hours. Additionally, over the duration of this project, I heightened the security of mail transfers in one Java application by adducing and rectifying a software bug; mentored development team about Java coding best practices. I also successfully managed to conduct Green Field Training for two batches of 45 associates on java technology. To crown it all, I received Accenture Life Science Indigo Award for prompt project delivery.

As the position advertised is predominantly in software strategy, I am fully confident in my ability to discharge the duties and responsibilities outlined in the job and supersede your expectations by far. I believe that my past employment experiences have shaped me as a professional and played a helpful role in making me a potential asset to the organizations that will want me to work with them in future. I also hold to the belief that I possess a lot of innovative potentials that will be useful to your business as far as strategy consultation is concerned. I have confidence in my ability to deliver and offer my best to your company.

I look forward to discussing the position with you further.


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