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From the general outlook, it is evident that the OFID vacancies application form is a bit detailed as it also requires that an individual gives brief descriptions of certain duties that come with the position of interest.

The OFID application form does not provide the applicant with many language options to choose from. In the form, the English language takes charge ad is considered to be the one used by the applicant.

The OFID application form is readily available and does not require an individual to create an account or log in to any site; it is simply downloaded from the website.

It is also notable that the OFID does not require that an individual provides a permanent resident on the contact list. The United Nations form is a bit shallow but straight to the point and does not give the applicant an opportunity to provide descriptions of duties relevant to the position applied for.

Unlike the OFID application form, the UN vacancies application form provides for much more languages which the applicant can choose from.

The United Nations form requires a lot of applications to access. It is also notable that the UN vacancy application form is a bit longer compared to OFID form as it requires much information.

The UN application form, on the other hand, requires that a permanent resident is outlined in the contact information to be able to understand the origin of the applicant fully

It is therefore notable that there are considerable differences between the forms both structurally and regarding the content required.

Comparison of IAEA application form with and World Bank

IAEA World Bank

The IAEA form is long and more detailed with a lot of information needed from the applicant.

It is also notable that the IAEA form gives the applicant the liberty to add any other relevant information

It is also notable that the IAEA form only provides space for three referees for the applicant to fill, thereby restricting the applicant to a maximum of three referees only.

The IAEA also contains a miscellaneous section where the applicant is required to answer certain questions and give possible explanations.

The IAEA form requires that the applicant indicate whether they have a relative already working with the organization or not. Unlike the IAEA form, the one for World Bank is a bit shorter and with a simpler format that many applicants can easily do with.

As for the World Bank vacancy application form, the requirements are strictly outlined and do not give the applicant the opportunity to add any other information besides the ones specified on the form.

The World Bank application form, on the other hand, gives the applicant the liberty to list a considerable number of referees as they may so wish.

The World Bank vacancy application form does not contain a miscellaneous section but rather focuses on the major academic and other qualifications of the applicant.

The World Bank application form does not require that applicants indicate whether they have a relative at the same organization or not. They are more concerned about the qualification of an individual regarding the position of interest.

Therefore, it is evident that the two forms differ in many ways both regarding structure and content as outlined by Tyler, (2013).


Tyler, R. W. (2013). Basic principles of curriculum and instruction. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.


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