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Organizational socialization is a process by which new employee transits from being outsiders of the organization to commoners. The newcomers acclimatization in the organization consists of acceptance of the individual responsibility, social acceptance by the colleagues and trusting your abilities to undertake new tasks (self-efficacy). Currently, the socialization of new employee has become more challenging than in the past due to the tremendous evolution of the working context. The employer-employee liaison is reduced since private companies infrequently give permanent employment as it was in the past. Organizations are faced with numerous variations, for instance, mergers and acquisition manipulating, inescapably, hence having an impact on the culture and jobs. Additionally, the employees are not hesitant to change their employment and bosses when one gets a better opportunity than the latter; relocations are also common unlike in the past.

The organizational structures are frequently flattened resulting to jobs being complex and job descriptions broadened or sometimes imprecise. Consequently, the employees are expected to have the personality of responsibility and good decision-making traits in the context of their jobs. Presently, the companies rarely consider the workers as permanent members of the organization as some individuals might develop a conflict of interest later; on the contrary, companies identify unique competencies possessed by individual members, these competencies have to be attained, formulated and conserved at the organizational level. The behaviors of the employee have changed nowadays, in the past, they were expected to be submissive to their superiors however this has been replaced by autonomy and a broad comprehension of the organizational background and mission.

Comprehending the socialization process that takes place when an employee becomes recruited in a company is crucial for four principal reasons. Firstly, unfruitful socialization can be enormously costly for the organization since turnover is frequently the inevitable consequence of the vain socialization. For instance, in some managerial and professional work in banks new members are required to undergo a formal training for some weeks or months, during this period they earn a salary but make a negligible contribution to the company; additionally, the companies use its resources for their training. In case the employee quits immediately after the training the company will receive little return on its investment and must begin the recruitment and training process again. Hence knowledge of organization socialization will enable company increases their profits. Secondly, the concept has high and possibly long term effect on the behaviors and attitudes of the workers who remain in the Institute. Additionally, socialization is one of the major channels in which companys culture is conveyed and sustained; therefore the newcomers will appreciate and embrace the organization necessary values and standards. Lastly, organizational socialization acts as a platform by which newcomers learn about companies politics and power dynamics.

Contemplating socialization process is crucial within the framework of the dramatic variations occurring in the business world. Therefore focus on three main trends: the escalating diversity of labor force, increasing dependence on the temporary personnel and economizing. Researchers have pinpointed that demographic and cultural differences within a company will have a significant impact on the socialization process and socialization varies in different countries. Perceived difference influence the easiness which new personnel becomes integrated. The economizing aspect has an intense impact on the psychological contract between the staff and companies. Conventionally this contract was interpersonal nature which the postulation that industriousness and loyalty would be appreciated by job security it has changed to more transactional, with comparatively little job security reward.

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