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From an individual perspective, human resource can be viewed as the core section of an organization. It provides life to the organization in addition to a platform where the goals and objectives of an organization can be achieved. I believe that the course has provided me with a wide scope in comprehending aspects associated with the human resource. I have learned that there is need to exercise adequate human resource management since it ensures that the needs of the employees are met and that the vision of a company is achieved and maintained. I have also learned that there is need to sharpen ones competencies on human resource management and to be updated on the changes taking place in the business environment that impact the role of the HR. The highlighted areas in the unit include; Developing Professional Practice, Business issues and context of Human resources, Using the information in Human Resources, Resourcing and Talent Planning, Improving Organizational Performance and Reward Management.

The Developing Professional Practice module focuses on the behaviour, skills and knowledge which are expected from the human resource experts or professionals. It puts into view the competencies that are necessary for a professional from an individual capacity in addition to the competencies necessary for teamwork and in achieving the goals of an organization. In other words, the module focuses on enabling one to comprehend the requirements of a competent human resource professional and to operate efficiently as an independent HR expert. From the module, I have learned the need for acquiring skills and knowledge as an HR professional as they apply significantly in the work environment. I have also learned the essence of teamwork or rather a collaboration with other professionals in the workplace to ensure that employees are managed adequately and have the capacity to achieve the goals and objectives of their respective work positions. The module has also highlighted the essence of having a personal development plan as an HR professional for it assists in professional growth.

The Business issues and context of Human resources module puts into view the need for comprehending key issues in the internal and external environments that have human resource departments. It highlights the internal and external factors that affect the operations of a business in addition to analyzing the implications of the factors with respect to the role of the human resource department. It also analyzes the function of HR in the formulation of strategy and putting into practice. From an individual viewpoint, the module allows one to develop an analytical view of the associated contexts (internal and external environments) in addition to providing methods that the HR uses in dealing with issues that affect the functions of an organization. The module has enabled me to comprehend significant and current issues in the business environment that affect various institution sin addition to the HR. Some of the issues include federal laws, customer relations, and the increase in the needs of the workforce. I have also understood how the human resource strategies are established and shaped particularly on ethics.

The using information in human resources module highlights the essence of communication systems in an organization concerning the functions of the HR. It highlights the need for HR professionals to take part in research concerning good professional practice. The module puts into view using research skills and methods of enquiry to assist in the identification of sources of data that support a study with respect to the HR practice. It also includes synthesizing and application of data to evaluate the functions of HR in an organization and in the formulation of strategy and execution in addition to developing and presenting a case in business for improvement purposes. Through the module, I believe that I am capable of identifying and analyzing sources of data regarding HR; to take part in research and evaluate the associated findings; to make conclusions, and analyze options regarding changes in addition to being able to present a comprehensive report on issues affecting HR. I have gained plenty of information regarding adequate research methodologies and how to apply research findings in real life situations.

The Resourcing and Talent Planning module puts into view the manner in which organizations attain the significant role of HR in the mobilization of the workforce. It focuses on the staffing process with respect to the effectiveness of an organization. The module highlights the view that an organizations management needs to ensure that it has the right people in its various job positions for the organization to function efficiently. It also includes the aspect of outsourcing by organizations regarding expertise and skills in a larger network of individuals whereby a contractual relationship is maintained. From the module, I have learned the essence of adequate staffing and the role that the HR plays in ensuring that the employees occupy positions that match their skills.

The Improving Organizational Performance module focuses on the role of HR in the improvement of the performance of the workforce. It highlights aspects such as training and motivation and meeting the needs of the employees to ensure that they remain competitive. The module aligns with the Reward Management module that focuses on the role of rewards on improving the performance of employees. I have learned that the HR plays a crucial role in ensuring that employees receive rewards based on their performance and work with the management to ensure that the working environment is conducive for all.

Development plan


Function: Assistant HR Manager

Period: 1/10/2017 30/12/2017

Development Focus: The acquisition of skills in human resource management


1. Ability to work both independently and in a team

2. Innovative

3. Adequate interpersonal skills

4. Adequate research skills

Developmental Needs

1. Public speaking

2. Integrating diversity into the work environment

3. Managing conflict

4. Tolerance for disagreement

Development Actions:

Engaging in settings that prompt public speaking to ensure that I am at my best when making oral presentations and when managing a large group of individuals in either a formal or an informal setting. I also plan to consult with my instructor on areas that require more clarification.

Timing: on a daily basis and any occasion that requires oral presentation

2. Learning more about diversity on the methods that companies use to integrate diversity in the workplace and associating with people from various backgrounds to identify their needs and interests with respect to the role of the HR. I plan to learn through reading books that address diversity in regards to the business environment. I also plan to consult with my instructor on areas that require more clarification.

Time: read a book on diversity at least a book per week

3. Enrolling for a short course in conflict management to comprehend how to manage conflicts with respect to the role of the HR. I also plan to consult with my instructor on areas that require more clarification.

5. Roles models: I plan to look for mentors in every developmental need and engage in interviews with each to obtain advice and get tips on the best practices. I also plan to identify a tip from each developmental need and make follow-ups with the role models in regards to my progress.

Three new objectives added to the plan

An objective to add in the developmental plan is to keep a personal journal for the purpose of reflecting on my progress with respect to the areas that require development. In other words, the journal will assist me to make a reflection on the actions that I have made to improve on my developmental needs in regards to my conduct. I am certain that making an evaluation of my developmental progress will be efficient for my social, professional and academic progress. The second new objective is to engage in frequent private practice in all the developmental needs. I plan to regularly put myself in situations that prompt the developments such that by the time I am done with my plan, I am confident in using the associated skills. The third new objective is to get a mentor to ensure that my goals are met. Possibly, I might consider my class instructor as my mentor due to the familiarity of the major constructs in HR. I believe that by the end of the development plan, I would have improved on the developmental needs.


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