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Personal statement
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Ph.D. or equivalent qualification in mechanical engineering

I have the required skills in the field of mechanical engineering. I attended Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology where I pursued my Bachelor of Science in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering. I later joined Tafe Illawarra Wollongong where I pursued my Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. It has enabled me to acquire the relevant knowledge and skills that are required to undertake this job. These skills have been nurtured my past professional experience.

Experience for University teaching

At the Aeronautical College of Bangladesh, I had the opportunity to be a lecturer where I tutored courses related to Engineering Design, Materials Engineering, and Aircraft Structural Integrity. I later joined the University of Wollongong where I acted as a part time academic staff, where by I conducted Subjects for the undergraduate students which included Engineering Design, Materials Engineering, heat transfer, Mechanics of Solid and Fluid Mechanics. In this capacity, my academic training enabled me to articulate students issues, formulate and also present arguments that are coherent in various situations. For example, through managing of the classes, demonstration and helping the students to carry out lab experiments, marking the students assignment and posting of grades on the Universitys website. I had also to provide the students with relevant guidance and feedback of the queries that they were faced with so as they can improve their skills in the field of Engineering. This experience will play a great role in my new job as I will be able to address the various problems that different students will be experiencing, I have acquired interpersonal skills while dealing with the students and therefore it will not be a challenge for me in my new job. For example those students who performed poorly in various courses I had to give them advice on how they could improve on their grades and this resulted to them performing better in their various courses.

Ability to conduct collaborative, multidisciplinary research

I can comfortably be in a position to carry out various research projects that will be undertaken by the institution. I have been a researcher in different organizations. I was a researcher at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology during this time I researched Nano Particles incorporated epoxy resin for the application in the brake pad. I also worked as a research assistant at the Intelligent Polymer Research Institute. The other institutions that have worked with as a researcher are the University of Wollongong where I played the role of a Ph.D. researcher and later a Postdoctoral research associate. During this time I was given a given period of time to have submitted my analysis. I had to be a good team leader so as to motivate the people I was working with to ensure that we meet the time deadline. The experience I had as a researcher will help me to be able to plan and enhance project coordination in a manner that is proficient and be of great benefit to the institution. It will help me meet the time deadline of accomplishing the projects that will be undertaken under my supervision.

Conduct and deliver impactful research

I believe I will be the best candidate in achieving a financial support that has a promising track record. This will be possible since I got expertise in different synthesis and sintering methods which I can employ to carry out a project. I will also be able to analyze the structure and property of the materials that will be required. For example during my carrying out of various research I had to decide on the research analysis that was suitable in different projects.

Demonstrated high level of communication skills

I have demonstrated great communication skills in my previous working environments. At the RDM Technology, I worked as a consultant where I prepared reports that were used by senior managers. I ensured that the reports were well written in a way that the information was easy to understand. I possess technical equipment skills which are used for communication such as the Microsoft office applications, database management, email and web browsers. These skills will help me to easily communicate with students who enquire for information through online and also can employ the skills in conducting of online tutorials.


I am eligible for membership of Engineers Australia as I believe I possess the relevant skills and knowledge that is required for that position. Having been able to make conference presentations in the past I will use those skills to participate in various conference meeting as a member.

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