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The incoming resume describes my involvement in Masters of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. The resume has three sections as follows; first, my knowledge in the field of the primary defined area of specialization, which in this case is Power System Analysis with code name EEL 5250, and Power Systems with code name II EEL 6256. At the secondary level of specialization, I engaged with Electromagnetic Field Theory, with code name EEL 6486C, and Electrical Energy Distribution System with code name EEL 6936. In both levels, I have managed to demonstrate a high level of problem-solving skills, based on advanced mathematical interaction. In this resume, I will explain both my primary and secondary area of specialization, as well as my potential problem-solving skills associated with advanced mathematics. I will also briefly explain how I achieved both courses.

Primary defined area: Power Systems

The study opened me to power systems planning and operations environments, as well as problem solutions. The primary subjects I covered included load flow, fault studies, economic dispatch, control of problems and transient stability.

Knowledge on Load flow

Learning load flow helped me to understand the background numerical aspects involved in a circuit board as well enabled me to reflect on the nature of the interconnected systems. Reflecting on my future problem-solving skills, I was in a position of determining the specific operating characteristics of power systems in a given network. Linear algebraic power equations improved my understanding of load flow, as well as load flow solutions.

Knowledge on Fault studies

Most components are faced with power balancing problems. Although so far different software tools exist, power flow is still a major problem. However, the course helped me understand the environment resulting to the failure of voltage and current of symmetrical components. In fact, in my current course, Analog CMOS, I best understand the positive, negative and zero sequence components.

Also, I have managed to understand fault analysis, such as unbalanced faults, balanced faults, based on a symmetrical component theory which functioned as a major course organizational point. Through the unit, I have managed to understand how faults occur hence understand how they can be avoided at various level of component development. As well, I have learned the nature of system development, such as rules, and discipline, and organization of components.

Knowledge on Economic dispatch

Through the subject, I best understood operations and electrical utilities as well as the scalability of costs, transmission grid required in making plans for costs vs transmission (Keyser et al. 2013). Being introduced to the financial aspect, is important because it enabled me in determining how demand and supply aspect influence component development as well as industry dynamics. I also understood the entire aspect of meeting customer demands, primarily, resource planning, generation unit commitment, and dispatch.

Knowledge on Control of problems

Control problems welcomed me to the primary level of administrative wing of electrical engineering. I now understand how the engineering corporate body functions. Primarily, I understand the analysis, optimization, designing and control aspects that surrounds device development. In my current course, Analog CMOS, I am using the knowledge of control dynamics to understanding the influence of research and development as used for communication systems.

Knowledge on Power Systems II EEL 6256`

As my primary area of specialization, I was welcomed to the analysis of power system. This technical subject introduced me to post-installation of components and in general functionality. The surrounding environment was dependent on the transient stability of the power system where power engineers have welcomed stability of conditions of a system. I also understand the mathematical environment and the equation of power systems. This subject equips me with the knowledge of post-installation given that products should have a deeper lifespan characterized with efficient mechanics of devices.

I have also learned security as a very important aspect of component development and product orientation. In particular, I have learned how protection principles operate. Most component failure because of power disruptions, or irregular flow of power, hence the organization and protection principles are useful in determining planning of power flow based on security.

Knowledge on Protection and Voltage

In particular, I got welcomed to protection applications, involving overcurrent, differential, and distance. The subject introduced me to operations of power systems against the excessive current that is resulted too by ground faults. The current relays are based on power systems, transmission, generators, and motors. Being introduced to these components would in future help me isolate faults, detect abnormal operations, determine the dependability and reliability of the system. I also learned about voltage and var control, which are the principal components of power system control. Learning about voltage control enabled me to integrate into the field of circuits, in fact, so far in my analog CMOS, I am learning about how circuits operate.

Frequency and Power Control

I have learned about frequency and active power control. I have learned that frequency system depends on the operations of active power balance a frequency common factor that surrounds through the system. The active power demand reflects on the changes of the system. In particular, the supply of power depends on the allocation of change, the possible demand of generation as well as unit provision and possible speed control functionality. The system is interconnected through independently controlled areas that are part of the interchange of the frequency and power. The attributed load-frequency control is part of the governing and supplementary control.

Knowledge on Power Stability

Other vital accomplishments revolve around power system stability, which are equal-area criteria, swing-equation and angular stability where we explored on simulations and multi-machine components. The stability of the machine depended naturally on the prevailing aspects vital in improving the stability of the machine. I am aware of the methods of improving stability during system set-up. Placing the right stability of machines allows better and suitable stability of system components increasing reliance and stability of systems which is part of control methods used in achieving the right control mechanics. Through power stability I have learned the nature of the voltage stability, possibly improve methods and stability of problems as well as resonance. I learned about sub-synchronous resonance as applied to achieve quality control methods.

Knowledge on Basic System Configurations

I have also learned about configurations and source converters of multi-terminal HVDC transmission; basically learning about control and operations. I am now aware that HVDC uses a direct current for bulk transmission of the electrical systems. In the field, I can use this knowledge while dealing with operations and control of transformers, underwater capable and AC/DC conversion. I have also learned about Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) controllers, as well as the Static Var Compensator (SVC), and the Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM), and the controlled series compensator (TCSC) and Synchronous Series Compensator (SSSC) where the system is ready and effective voltage stability. I have learned about Power System Analysis Toolkit (PSAT). Various simulation and experimental results have guided by knowledge on how these systems work, hence I am now equipped in understanding the voltage failures of the same.

Knowledge on Power transportation

I have learned about traveling waves, power systems, boundary conditions and insulation coordination. Transient operations follow switching operations based on a set of sequences and sub-rules. These rules have been useful in generators during load balancing and transmission lines as well as condenser and receiver of operating angles. As well, the generators increase the cause the operations of the prime mover while decreasing the mechanical moment of the generator during rotating parts and the immediate operating angles

Second defined area of specialization: Electrical Energy Distribution Systems


At a secondary area of specialization, I have learned several concepts, especially those surrounding electromagnetic Field Theory and distribution systems. This major section of my course investigated physical field electrically charged objects. These fields affect the behavior of charged objectives in a field. The fields are described through electromagnetic interaction. These fields surround fundamental forces which include gravitation, interaction, strong interaction and interaction.

Knowledge on Review of Statics

The topic on statics allowed me to understand the operative nature of field theory. A practical example was high voltage wires that create a positive electrical field. I learned statics investigates bodies or structures which meet at an equilibrium. I also leaned that statics field law assumes components were rigid. We also investigated reaction loads and external loads forces and moments.

Knowledge Equations, Electromagnetic and Transmission Lines

I am familiar with the Maxwell equations essentially a set of partial differential equations that operates under the Lorentz Force. The knowledge has equipped me with the ability to work in optical, power generation, electric motors, wireless communication, televisions, and computers. The equation has been useful in determining the essence of electromagnetic of circuits. Based on the Gauss's law of magnetism providing the right magnetic monopoles. The electric field depends on Faraday law of electric field which involves charged particles and currents. The law involves a precise formulation of quantities where the definition of dimensions surround speed and light. I now have knowledge on how transmission lines operate. A transmission transfers radio frequency involved in covering a perfect wave nature where the transmission is used to connecting radio transmitters, antennas, and receivers, useful in distribution and cable television for trunk lines (Grisgby, 2013). I can now successfully create a network, infrastructure or even engineer the modification of transmission lines such as coaxial or fiber.

Knowledge on Plane Wave propagation and Reflection

I now have knowledge of plane waves, which are essentially spherical waves that develop and maintain electric fields and a magnetic field having the perpendicular direction of propagation of waves and classified transverse electric TE. The proposed transverse magnetic TM provides traveling waves that are enclosed within specific waveguides. As well, I understand the propagation of plane wave reflecting on the metallic reflection for metal waveguides, as well an internal reflection of waveguides (Ida, 2004, p. 1054).

Knowledge on Resonant Cavities, Electromagnetic Fields, and Radiation

I understand the resonant frequency as well as the quality factor associated with the empty cavity and determined with sequential different cavity modes. I also understand the cost management and cost reduction phenomena surrounding electromagnetic properties of materials. I can now determine how a magnetic field can be determined. Sampling is kept using retracting position with the electric fields placed at maximum. I can now measure the magnetic permittivity using the middle of the cavity. Given the huge magnetic field create...

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