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Profile Summary

I have nine years of experience in pharmaceutical sales in Nigeria; I rose to the position of Sales, Manager, am currently in Australia studying MSc in biomedical science.

Am a decisive and committed individual who uses a collaborative approach to developing professional relationships with clients, fellow employees, and management with the ability to function efficiently under pressure. Possess natural ability to look at the big picture and assemble all resources and plans on time smoothly and efficiently.

Professional Goals

Energetic, tenacious and highly accomplished Medical Sales Professional with over nine years of experience in Sales, detailing doctors, conducting presentations, collecting checks from clients, responsible for managing drug stock levels, analyzing semens, urine and conducting high vaginal swabs.

Areas of Expertise

Time Management, Cardiology, Strategic Planning/Analysis, Client Relations, Hospital Sales, Relationship, Management, Communication, Microsoft Office suite, Pharmaceutical marketing, Pharmaceutical Sales, Leadership, Sales Management, Consultative sales, Ophthalmology

Education and Professional Development

Honors in Applied Microbiology, Ebonyi State University, 2006

Utagba-Ogba Grammar School, 2000

Final project: Nweze E.I AND Ezute Sunday, 200nine; Isolation and antifungal susceptibility of exophiala dermatitides Isolates from human stool samples in Nigeria.Mycopathologia, 16nine(3)201-6

Final year seminar: Recent Advances on microbial transformation of steroids and Sterols

Professional experience

Neimeth International Pharmaceutical Plc

District Commercial Manager DCM Lagos and Ogum State


Coordinate all marketing and sales activities of commercial and demand reps in Lagos and Ogum State.

Regional budget planning and allocation to individual Representative.

Regularly motivating Representative to achieve peak performances.

Receive and vet the itineraries, reports, Orders and Claims/Expenses of Field Force.

Manage account receivables and ensure payment from distributors.

Finding innovative ways to achieve sales target in a highly regulated industry.

Reporting to National commercial and demand management.

February 2016-January 2017

Orpham Nigeria Limited.

National Product Manager NPM.

Key Accomplishment

Coordinate the sales and marketing activities of all feed staff in the South -West, South- East and South-South Nigeria.

Coordinate all marketing activities of Medical and Sales Reps. in Northern Nigeria.

Receive and vet the itineraries, Reports, Orders, Claims/Expenses and Issues of Field Force nationwide.

Carry out Clinical Presentations in on behalf of reps. In big Institutions and Government Parastatal.

Report directly to Managing Director.

December 2010- February 2016

Oculus Pharmacare Limited

Senior Medical Representative

Key Accomplishment

Primarily task with detailing doctors, opticians, and pharmacist in private and public hospital, specifically generating prescriptions and conducting clinical presentations at various institutions

Skillfully manage professional relationships with existing clients and establishing new relationships with prospective clients including distributors, wholesalers, and hospitals.

Ensure that sales targets are met or exceeded, collecting checks from clients, organizations, and hospitals and reporting directly to the Regional Sales Manager.

November 2008- December 2010

Sites Biotech, Pharma Limited

Medical Representative

Key Accomplishment

Accountable for developing new business opportunities with distributors and hospitals throughout the region alongside conducting clinical presentations in hospitals and in meeting with doctors

Ensured that sales targets are met or exceeded, collecting cheques from clients, organizations, and hospitals and reporting directly to the General Manager.

February 2008- January 200nine

National Youth Service Crop, Ekiti State Government House Clinic

Assistant Pharmacist

Key Accomplishment

Supplied drugs to patients in line with Doctors prescriptions, managing drug stock levels and documenting the quantity administered to patients on a daily basis.

Performed to procedures of sterilizing, and autoclaving clinical equipment.

June 2005 - December 2006

Chimos Medical Diagnostic Laboratory

Assistant Laboratory Scientist

Key Accomplishment

Responsible for analyzing semen, urine, faeces, sputum and conducting high vaginal swabs (HVS)

Paid close attention to the culture of urine, sputum, HVS and semen alongside conducting a microbiological analysis of skin and nail scrapings.

Successfully conducted pregnancy tests, HIV tests, Widal tests and RBC microscopy for parasites such as malaria and conducting water bacteriology analysis.


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