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Automation refers to a process in which activities or processes are performed through the use of technology. Automation allows for the utilization of different control systems to operate particular activities in the company. The automation can be defined by the machinery in the factories, the heat treatment system as well as various processes in the factory (Chui 19). Furthermore, automation can also be defined by the reduced human intervention processes. The means that can be utilized to achieve automation in the industry include the hydraulic, pneumatic, the electrical, electronic devices and computers. These processes are important as they can automatically run to accomplish particular goals and objectives of the organization.

In the recent past, there has been the development of the robotics which was aimed at performing various tasks that can be performed by the human beings. However, advancement has been made, and there are many developed machines which automatically perform different business activities. For example, currently, there are many automated check-in kiosks which dominate different airlines in different parts of the world. Through the automation idea, pilots are guided by the autopilot that takes up the rest of the journey after the pilot has just steered the aircraft for just three to seven minutes (Chui 22). Therefore, the automation is significant because it makes work easier and thus facilitates the undertaking of various activities within the company and also in the society. It can be argued that with automation in the job industry, there is a vast improvement and fast productivity which eventually result in higher customer service. Furthermore, the automation is important because enables the workers to have quality life because it eliminates boring work.

With the improved technology, many companies have been engaging in automation for their business activities. Different occupations have been automated, a move that has seen many companies' thriving. With the automation in the job industry, the entire businesses are transformed, and the jobs undertaken by the employees have also been redefined. Before the automation in the job industry began, business activities could be slowly undertaken. However, after the automation, activities are undertaken with ease, and the results are quality compared to before the industrialization took place. For example, after the automation of banks through the introduction of bank ATMS, services have been made convenient as an individual can withdraw his or her money anytime (Chui 43).

Different organizations can take advantage of the automation processes which are available to make work easier and produce quality results that can satisfy its customers. Research shows that there are many benefits of automation that can be enjoyed by the company. With the automation, the organization will be in the position to realize reliability and serve the customers within the required time bound. That can be achieved because the machines adopted have the opportunity to perform the tasks at superhuman levels. Furthermore, with the automation aspect, the company will be in the position to manage staff, and thus all the activities will be undertaken as planned (Chui 52). In turn return, the company will become highly competitive in the market.

Automation of computers in the workplace has taken an advanced stage in the way jobs are currently being done. Computers that dispenses information in expert radiology is one of the examples of doing jobs currently by highly automated machines and trained and skilled white collar workers. The idea of artificial intelligence in computers has replaced manual work that was initially done by the manual labor force. It has led to the development and production of quality and quantity in the workplace that has been otherwise produced by the manual workforce. Automation of machines in how jobs are done is now smarter than before because much work is pursued through automation than manual labor force.

Routine forms of manual work are currently done by machines and can perform everyday cognitive tasks. For instance, Andrew Ng, a specialized and highly trained radiologist, is replaced by the computer in is workplace because devices are considered to be doing a different kind of things within a short period in an automated way. Computerization probability of most workers in America approximately forty-seven percent that is likely to be affected by the introduction of machines. Most workers are at high risk of potential automation in areas such as logistics and transport as well as office support (Special Report 54). Also, workers in areas such as sales and services are likely to be replaced by computer capital. It is due to the introduction and developments of learning machines that put an essential share of employment in a broad and across the range of occupations.

Research shows that an equivalent workforce of approximately thirty-five percent in Britain's workforce and forty-nine percent of China are at high risk of potential substitution by computerization. On the other hand, the economists are worrying on the issue of job polarization in the sense that middle-skill workers in manufacturing industries are reducing. However, both high-skill and low-skill are rising in the same industry. In its effect, the labor force bifurcates in two groups that are, highly paid skilled workers doing non-routine work and low-paid unskilled workers on the other hand. In western countries, the stagnation of median wages is evidence cited that automation of machines is affecting already in the workplace. The Federal Reserve Bank published figures that show that employment in a non-routine manual and non-routine cognitive jobs has steadily grown from the 1980s, whereas on the other hand, regular jobs employment has been affected broadly (Special Report 25).

Since the introduction of automation in the workplace, many workers have had the option of moving from one industry to the other in search of routine jobs. However, the big data techniques that allow companies to improve customer service and marketing operations provide them with the raw materials to train learning machines learning systems to do jobs that were manual labor force (Special Report 66). Automation makes work more comfortable as compared to manual routine because E-discovery can search documents in a computer more quickly than human labor force can do. Other forms of work such as in journalism writing of sports and market reports are being automated for quality purposes. Thus it is a direct effect on the worker.

Computers and robots in offices and factory floors pose a significant challenge in maintaining full employment when computerization replaces human effort. The danger of automation triggered by both combination of automated and computer-self-regulating machine renders many workers jobless (Davenport & Kirby 35). It leads to a new production era that requires less human effort threatening in the division of society into uneducated underclass and skilled elite. The advent of computerization further provoked hand-wringing in job losses.

In conclusion, automation has had an enormous impact on the workers because it has rendered some of them jobless while producing quality work. For instance, the introduction of automated teller machines in the banks has not only led to job losses but has made work more accessible in their routine tasks. Hence, it is very crucial in the new era of production.


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