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I am expressing myself to look for your assistance in solving an issue that I am encountering at work. It is an issue that is triggering some worries in me, and I have been unsuccessful in resolving the matter without getting it to your focus. I believe that in the process, we can solve this issue swiftly and agreeably.

Since I moved to this company in October 2016, my boss, Mr. Khaldun Kamal has been giving me unfair treatment in order to force me to resign. He has been assigning me work that is not related to my area of expertise. I hold a master's degree in business administration with an excellent grade, and I can handle all the tasks related to project management excellently.

Of late, he's been castigating my performance in ways no other person in the organization has ever done since I was employed. He has been generating negative statements with regards to me, and a number of my workmates have begun telling me that I no longer work harder. Mr. Khaldun Kamal has always managed to find some fault with me, even if there are none. I am regularly accused of not completing my daily work despite me meeting all my daily targets. He has created a most unpleasant atmosphere for me to work efficiently. His conduct against me and the environment he has created has destroyed my performance and reputation at the firm

Im extremely annoyed regarding this particular treatment as I have been working for more than (number of years you have been working) years and havent experienced any issues with different supervisors with regards to my workmanship in my previous work places. I get pleasure from working for this organization, and I am unable to comprehend why his approach to me has been this horrible.

I am a confident, mature, and self-driven person who is continually dedicated to delivering high-quality work, and I feel that If you can help me solve this issue, I will continue to serve this organization to ensure that it excels in all capacities.

Yours Sincerely

__________ (your name)


__________ (your name)

__________(your designation)

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__________ (name of recipient)

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__________ (name and address of organization)

__________ (date of writing letter)

Dear Sir/Madam,


I have been a steadfast employee in this organization for the past (number of years you have been in the company) years. To date, my period at the organization has been comparatively great. However, some concern has been creeping up lately threatening to disturb my otherwise peaceful time at this company.

This letter is connected with the conduct of my colleague, Mr. Khuram Nawaz. I have been working with Mr. Khuram Nawaz since I was moved to the property management department for the (number of months you have been in the property management department), and together with Khaldun Kamal, they have singled me out to harass.

Collectively, Mr. Khaldun Kamal and Mr. Khuram Nawaz have been mistreating me since I was shifted to the property management department. During a staff meeting last Sunday, Mr. Nawaz told me that he didnt need me at the meeting and the company because he did not trust me at all. He added on that I am an undesirable person in this company. When I asked him about their lack of trust in me, he rudely told me to go and ask Mr. Khaldun. On asking Mr. Khaldun, he bluntly said that they no longer believe in any individual moved from investment department to property management department.

Mr. Nawazs and Khaldouns conduct has eroded my self-confidence, and I am certainly unsettled at my work place, this has largely damaged the quality of my job. I ask for you to intervention and help in solving this issue once and for all so that I can continue doing the job without any psychological tension and anxiety.

Yours Sincerely

__________ (your name)

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