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Part1. Product: group activity: cyberbullying

The growth of technology has come with both merits and demerits to the contemporary society. Cyberbullying is not a new case in the modern era of technological advancement. Due to societal diversity, the internet has inculcated different cultures among the users. Besides the positive application of the social network, a larger group of people have diverted to detrimental use of the internet. Mainly, bullying is the act of intentionally inflicting emotional or physical pain to the other; this can be done through provocation of a person's feelings (Carbo & Hughes, 2010). Well, cyberbullying by extension is the use of social media platforms to inflict emotional pain on others. This is done through the posting of abusive posts images and insulting messages via email social sites or texts. The workplace has been the most common avenue for this immoral act of abuse.

The introduction of social media has made it easy to share information hence create a connection among individuals and in this case workers. However, this positive development on information mobility has presented grave drawbacks among people of different social class. Point in case, workmate, has had to deal with the social media abuse, known as Cyberbullying (Vyeinhardt & Kuklyte, 2017). As explained above, the cyber allows for connection of individuals either of same interests or not; this makes it more vulnerable to abuse. A group of people perceives this an opportunity to violate the rights of others indiscrete.

It is impractical to deny the devastating effect of this crime at the workplace as they have been researchers that have presented this in totality the gross negative impacts (Muhonen, Jonssons & Backstrom, 2017). To understand these, it would be vital to discuss the various instances in which cyber crimes manifest at the workplace. When people come together, they form groups, which one may refer to as sub-communities; this is an involuntary nature of human beings. These communities that develop at work are mostly promoted by factors such as religion, ethnicity, social class, age peers, level of education and common interests (Rothe, Lindholm, Hyvonen & Nenonen, 2012). Therefore communication similarly revolves around these strata. Not so often will there be cross-communication between the sub-classes? It is, therefore, true to say that these cyber abuses occur within these levels.

The formed quorums within the workplace are the significant factors to the scaling segregation (Tassier, 2008). Conflicts arise which is virtually the genesis of the whole awkward condition. Whenever there is a conflict between individuals of the same sub-class the instances of abuse come to play. In the quest to find the best avenue of revenge, the parties would resolve to the use of cyber to inflict pain onto one another; these are usually done by use of insulting comments, photos, and messages on the social media group platform such as Facebook, WhatsApp groups Twiter and others. The main intention is to insult and to irritate the other party. Secondly, certain individuals are way too uncultured and take pleasure in the displeasure of others, so they use these platform to make them feel so; they do so by the attack on others, ethnicity, religion, race education and class.

It is an undeniable fact that cyberbullying has gross adverse effects on the workers. Mental stress caused by stigma, health problems physical stress, solitudes which might lead to depression making one disinterested in life (NEWS: IN BRIEF,2017). These impacts might cut down on the general ability of the worker to deliver to the organization. In cases where the workers' ability to work is compromised, their productivity starts to decline. It is, therefore, because these impacts might lead to the organization's shutdown that it is deemed vital to address the issue of cyberbullying. To address cyberbullying the following strategies can be put in place. Regular discussion to discuss the topic in the areas of work, setting out clear job description and policies regarding cyberbullying Training on the maintenance of internet privacy and creating a vibrant management that upholds respect for all the workers.

Part two: reflection

One primary solution to mitigate cyberbullying is through group discussion to help find ways to deal with the social crime. Following the above issue as discussed in part one of the paper I led a group discussion. In my subsequent presentation, I would be delivering on my reflection of the exercise as the group facilitator. In a group of six, I was elected by the members to chair the group meetings and process. Like I have mentioned above, the primary objectives included; finding ways to mitigate cyber harassment within the workplaces, proposing policies to deal with cyberbullying in workplaces and improvising means to train people on the internet privacy maintenances.

Within the group, not all the positions were elective as I had the mandate to appoint the people I would work with. These included; researcher producer and researcher and producer. The rest would be contributing members as researchers. Before I embark on the reflection of my role, I would like to highlight the key roles, my appointees. Being an emerging issue in the workplaces, there are many studies online giving light on the matter. As such, the two researchers would bring their contribution backed by studies as references. In the team, there is researcher and presenter whose main work is to make a presentation in written form are verbal to the group members; he then forwards to the producer who then producers the findings to the best shape absorbable by the ordinary public. The facilitator comes in ultimately to edit and make necessary changes need there be.

I have never been in the position to facilitate a group discussion so needless to say it was a valuable time for me to learn and develop experience. Cyberbullying is an emotive issue in the contemporary society, and therefore different people have different opinions about the matter. The group was scheduled to last for three weeks. Different weeks were programmed according to the activities to be carried out. The first phase of the program was to collect the views of the researchers inclusive of the appointees. The collection of views was to take two days after which they were to be discussed the members. As the chairman, I was to preside over the discussion. At this point, I must say I faced enormous challenges. Notably, members both have different opinions, and it is the norm of debate; no opinion is wrong. The members had to agree on the side to pick. Virtually, members of any social group are victims of cyberbullying, therefore, it true to say even the members have their bit to say. The primary level is for the members to pick sides on which they would use as gauge their findings because they would dwell on both primary and secondary sources to validate their arguments.

The second part of the discussion was a collection of information from the public which involves the fieldwork research; it is important to collect the views of the subjects to use as an evidence of the claims by the researchers. The questionnaire was vita in this case as the questions as structured by the group were a lot more private and would, therefore, require privacy. However, some of those issues would be answered verbally, therefore, interviews were used. Playing the role to officiate the entire process, I was obligated with the duty to ensure that the respondents are well managed regardless of their ethnic background. In the field, I had to supervise the recording of the respondent's comments.

Finally, it came to the third week in the conclusion part of the research. At this point, we have to discuss the findings from which draw our conclusions. A point to note is that even from the field there are varied opinions that have to be accommodated within the realm of our discussion. Nonetheless, having formed a common opinion with the group members, it makes work a lot easier to dismiss certain opinions. Usually, the groups are formed by commonalities; therefore, it is easy to operate within our midst. At this point, it should be noted that things are more refined and presented in a final state. My role at is to edit where necessary and submit it to the presenter who the presents it.

Working as a facilitator has helped me learned a lot as far as group work is concerned. I would like to categorize my encounters throughout this time in two dimensions; lessons and experience gained. Working in a group is an exciting experience and more and because I was appointed to work as the chair. The bite for pride is a palpable feeling as it felt like I had been able to show my abilities to lead to my colleagues. It was a pleasure to give orders and to be the one to delegate duties. Playing the superior role normally is an exhilarating feeling. I felt like I was living up to my potential. Personally, I would like to say I have discovered a lot about myself. Firstly, I have never believed that I could be so dedicated to getting things done the right way with mistakes, this time it was surprising to see the effort I put into the research. I have been able even to do my research into the night, but this time I did, from this I learned that I work best with pressure; the study was set with some deadlines which we had to meet. Being the chairperson, I would like to say when somebody is given a responsibility they are burdened with the pressure to deliver.

Nevertheless, working as a group leader has its drawbacks. Considering the nature of the composition of most groups I would like to point out to the fact that there are differences that emanate within the group members. These challenges include divergent opinions, lateness, absenteeism; neglect of roles and fatigue, my group was not void of these drawbacks. Deteriorating vigor well followed the first week in the subsequent meetings. The enthusiasm died with time. The oscillation of power as a result of failure to understand one's role was rampant at this time as most people did not understand their role bring confusion and conflict. However, as the group leader, I had to be a little stronger to be able to deal with the fluctuations to address the need to reach the primary objective.

In conclusion, I would like to note that, the success of any organization is found in its fidelity to the course and strict adherence to the laid operational framework. It requires collective responsibility to be able to contribute. Also, it is essential to appreciate the fact that in every community there exist divergent opinions. It is the role of the group leader to be able to act as a referee by playing a neutral part to ensure that the different ideas are not used to mark sides but help in evaluating the matter more intelligently. I would like to conclude by saying that, leadership is a vital aspect of excellent leadership skills and regardless of the quarter in which it is applied it remains a crucial tool in management.



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