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Artificial intelligence (AI) involves the intelligence displayed by machines. The computer systems have recently been able to perform work which is normally done by human beings alone since they require human intelligence. Computer systems have been designed to recognize speech, solve problems, acquired visual perception, make decisions and translate languages (Yudkowsky, 2008). However, artificial intelligence has led to several ethical issues which have affected human beings.


Artificial intelligence in computers has resulted in the automation of jobs in workplaces leading to high unemployment rates. People are only required to do more complex jobs specifically cognitive labor which is required in administrative and strategic work (Bostrom & Yudkowsky, 2014). This removes the physical works which have been common in many industries thus leading to loses millions of jobs. The use of robots in manufacturing industries means the majority of the workforce will be relieved of their duties causing loss of income which could have sustained their families.


Most of the companies employ a large number of workers to do certain activities. They are paid wages depending on the time they work or the nature of their jobs. However, with the introduction of computers with artificial intelligence, few people will be required to control the machines meaning revenue will go to fewer people. Owners of the companies driven by machines will make more money at the expense of employees thus creating inequality. There is emerging widening of wealth gap mostly seen by companies who get large portions of economic surplus. This, therefore, creates questions about the fair post-labor economy.


Machines with artificial intelligence are slowly interacting with human beings because of their capabilities of behaving exactly like people. They can channel virtually unlimited resources which build relationships and can work well in sales or customer services. The attention of people is captured by video games and click-bait headlines which have specific intelligence. The software in the machines can direct people into doing specific actions and attentions which can lead to a beneficial behavior in the society.


As the technology becomes powerful in the society, it can be used for good reasons and also for bad reasons. Robots in specific have recently been used by highly military countries as a replacement of human soldiers. The robots act as autonomous weapons in wars thus can be maliciously used to cause large damage and destructions which could have been avoided by human soldiers. The rise of cyber securities in places like US and Russia is due to artificial intelligence since people no longer fight on battlegrounds only. Current fights in Syria and Middle East countries employ the use of modern machines like drones being used by American troops. These have had both positive and negative effects (Bostrom & Yudkowsky, 2014).

Evil Genies

The machines can be manipulated to do work which was not its purpose at the place. People with ill-intention can divert intelligent computers to create a disaster which will affect a large number of populations. An example is a machine designed to eradicate HIV/AIDS in the world. The machine can, however, be developed by evil people to come up with a formula which causes a lot of deaths to HIV-infected people. This shows how artificial intelligence can be a big letdown as opposed to being effective.


The artificial intelligence is doubted to be able to do certain actions done by a human being for their survival. An example is hunters who can use their intelligence and ingenuity to create tools which they use to trap and catch strong animals so as to get food. They use cognitive tools like training and artificial tools like weapons to enable them to catch their prey. However, artificial intelligence in machines lacks that ability to deliver food to humans. The machines may be so effective such that human intelligence will not be fundamental in the world (Chen, Christensen, Gallagher, Mate & Rafert, 2016).

Racist Robots

Some machines have been controversial since it has some bias towards certain races especially the blacks. Certain software is designed maliciously like those used to predict future criminals which in most cases point a black people thus showing they are not fair and neutral (Dunnuck, 2002). Google photos have in most cases missed the mark on racial sensitivity by showing images which go against other peoples rights. The reason behind this racism acts is that the artificial intelligence systems are created by human beings who are biased and make judgments. This, therefore, can cause negative actions in the world.

Artificial Stupidity

Artificial intelligence can sometimes be used negatively since it can be fooled to do certain wrong acts. Since systems go through training so as to learn to detect various patterns and actions, they may be misled by their input to cover things which were not planned. An example is AI systems seeing random dot patterns which are not their thus becoming risk to rely on security matters and labour (Dunnuck, 2002). Human beings cannot be fooled easily or being overpowered like computers.



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