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According to results from a study by Dr. Leonard Poon, healthy and productive 100-year olds have four common characteristics, which include optimism, engagement, mobility, and adaptability to loss. When relating these characteristics to leadership, it is evident that they encompass the requirements that are necessary for any leader to in the healthcare environment. Such leaders deal with patients thus being optimistic ensures that they respond appropriately to difficult medical decisions. According to research, positive attitude helps to improve the chances of survival of a patient (Venteicher, 2016). Engagement entails ensuring that the resources in a medical institution are enough and able to meet the needs of the patients. Mobility entails physical activity. In such a setting, a leader is expected to adhere to an exercise regime and healthy foods that promote physical health. Adaptability to loss relates to the fact that they are surrounded by people who could easily die. Their staff members are also at a risk of getting infected with diseases and could easily die. Being able to accept these losses and put more effective measures in place is a way that such a leader can adapt to loss.

These qualities also determine the ability of a leader to lead with resilience and energy and contribute to the mission of the organization. Optimism enables a leader to be visionary and innovative as they are able to see opportunities when others see doom (Gallo, 2012). Such a quality ensures that the leader is not hindered by a trend of failures and losses, but seeks to find creative measures to ensure that the company is able to meet its goals and objectives. Such a leader is able to communicate positivity to other employees, to ensure that they are also motivated to achieve company goals.

A leader who is actively engaged in the day-to-day running of the company is able to lead the company with resilience and energy. Such a leader maintains social relationships with the employees and is able to create a community of committed staff members. Such a leader is also able to make external connections for the benefit of the company and creates a good rapport with customers, who are essential to the company. An engaged leader is also up-to-date with current trends and happenings on social media and is constantly finding ways to ensure that every staff member positively contributes to the running of the company. This way, there is increased morale among the employees, and they are thus able to work towards achieving the goals of the company.

Mobility as a leadership quality refers to the ability of the leader to stay active physically. Such a leader acts with enthusiasm and is full of energy. Such a leader has the ability to maintain physical health through exercise. This ensures that they are able to juggle easily between work issues and other issues in their lives, and are therefore able to put the interest of work first. This means that they are able to steer the company towards achieving its goals by being energetic and resilient.

Adaptability to a loss in a leader implies that the leader is flexible to change and is thus prepared to find ways to deal with the losses incurred. This enables the leader to put in place strategies that may help the company to regain what it may have lost. Involvement in the process of change ensures that the leader leads with resilience and is able to steer the company towards achieving its goals. The leader considers the loss a learning process and is ready to adopt positive changes that may be useful in achieving the organizations goals.


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