Critical Thinking Example: How to Motivate Your Problem People

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Managers tend to control the main environmental factors that are necessary to ensure that the employees are motivated. Managers should ensure that they maintain a good working relationship with their employees. The managers should ensure that the working environment that the employees work in is conducive and also the culture of the organization encourage the employees to continue working in that it is engaging and favorable.

How to Motivate Your Problem People

It is a substantial article to read since managers in various organizations need to motivate their employees in their workplace to reduce the employee turnover rate, to make them follow the lead of the management and also work towards achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. The working environment should be favorable for the workers. Managers are required to be in a position of communicating effectively to their employees about their goals and what the organization aims to achieve so as they can be able to all work as a team and get dedicated towards the project. In the Organization that currently am working for my manager has poor communication skills this results to my colleagues and me misinterpreting his information and doing the opposite of what he expected from us (Nicholoson).

This article has a reliable information since most managers in most organizations have the wrong perceptions regarding how the employees can get motivated which results in more problems and instead have a negative impact on the business. Most organizational managers tend to refer to their employees as boring, lazy and dishonest and forget that they have a role to play towards the development of their skills. In the future when I become the manager of an organization I should ensure that I avoid the mistake of treating my subordinates as a problem that requires being solved but instead understands them. I should portray a quality of a manager by learning that the workers are human and may have issues that are affecting them which could hinder them to be active in their workplaces such as family stress, frustrated dreams, and promises that have been broken while at the workplace. To effectively motivate employees, I will be required to understand the reason as to why the employees are not performing as expected to know the right solution to their problem. If the cause is family stress the employee can be helped by being given counseling and if its as a result of incompetency the employee can be improved through provision of training secessions.

Fair Process: Managing in the Knowledge Economy

Managers will tend to compromise and affect the motivation of their employees of performing a given task by failure to make the appropriate decisions ruining the trust that the employees that the employees have towards them. This article helps individuals to learn that the management can formulate policies to be used in the organization that can assist that will ensure that the managers operate honestly and also help the employees to trust their management. The managers should act in a fair manner and treat everyone equally, and this will lead to employees having to respect the decisions that they make.

How to Motivate Employees

There is a significant difference between an action that will make an employee to be dissatisfied and demotivated and the one that will cause the employee be motivated and satisfied in an organization. This article helps individuals to learn that some of the things that result to demotivating the employee include rules that have been formulated by the management and are unachievable. The employees will tend to refer to them as stupid rules, a boss who is demanding too much and annoying, reduced salary pay and a working environment that is uncomfortable. Individuals can be easily be motivated by doing the work that they love and exciting, being challenged and having more responsibility. They will be driven by such factors as they want to grow and achieve their career objectives. The organization I currently work for we are underpaid and this really demotivates me from working once am given a hard task. It has resulted in high employee turnover in the organization, reduced production. It has affected the customer satisfaction, as well as the environment, has not been made conducive for the workers.

Building Employee Confidence

Employees who are confident in what they are doing are more motivated to accomplish a given task. The traits of confidence in an individual or employee include being a risk taker, high self-esteem, and self-motivation. Managers play a critical role in building and maintain the confidence of their employees. As a manager in the future, I will ensure I strengthen the confidence of the employees by not assuming that they know how good they are while in the workplace. Most of the employees tend not to recognize what they are good at to the extent they cannot explain themselves. The employees should be complimented on every small achievement they make while in the organization this will help them be aware of themselves and the areas that they are good at. As a manager acknowledging the weaknesses of the employees and developing their strengths is also a great way of helping build the confidence of the employees. Jobs should be allocated to individuals depending on their strengths and their capability of accomplishing the job successfully and with much ease. Managers are required to acknowledge the good work that different employees do immediately without any delay since one of the major factor that contributes to the confidence of an individual is also timing. Bonus should be given to those workers who have unusual behavior, and this will help build the confidence of such an employee. The employees should be encouraged to publicize their achievement. The confidence of the employees can also be built through planning for the future as a manager. The team should be involved when various strategies are being planned which intend to affect the operation of the organization. It will help position the employees for different outcomes and make them be prepared.

Group Problem Solving

People working in groups should be able to have a variety of alternatives to get the best solution to a given problem. The team members should ensure that every member is given an opportunity to give their opinions and a few members should not dominate the conversation. It will help have a broad range of ideas. For example, in my organization, while working with my colleagues we can solve problems quickly as everyones input towards a given problem is considered. The intelligence level of an individual does not always guarantee to have the right solution to a problem.

Balancing Tasks and Relationships

For an organization to be able to get a team that is high performing the management should ensure that the team can solve problems, have the required skills to do the job and are interdependent so as they can be able to develop new ideas. Managers should improve mutual understanding of their employees who are working as a group through the implementation of the Johari, window model. It helps discover what is known by an individual regarding him/herself and as well other people know about it. It involves the behavior, attitude, emotion skills and experience of a person. What an individual is aware of him/herself, but other people are not aware of it such as a given information and skill .What other people know about a person that he/she do not know and what is not known by anyone such as possession of individual expertise and ability.

Caring for Introverts

Introverts tend to process information differently as compared to other people. Managers tend to misunderstand employees who act as introverts in the workplace and also harshly treat them. In the future as a manager, I would utilize my skills to differentiate introverts from extroverts since these two groups of people will use different techniques to accomplish their work. Introverts will prefer to do their job while alone while extroverts will prefer doing the job as a group. Clear agenda should be formulated to enhance efficiency. As a manager in the future, I will ensure that while holding a meeting the introverts are given an equal opportunity to share their ideas as they may fear to talk to a large group of people.

In conclusion, these articles have been influential articles to read. They have helped me know how the management should treat employees. In the future to ensure that am a great manager I will make sure that I understand my employees, see the strength of each employee and put them into the positions that will allow them to utilize their skills in the best way possible and enable them to grow in their career. I will ensure that the employees are treated equally and motivated to continue performing better in their work through helping them build their confidence, appreciating their achievements and also involving them in the decision-making process so that they can also give their opinions.



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